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Pakistan Scripted Line Of Events To Clear Its Name As “Terroristan”


The whole drama of Hafiz Saeed release, Musharraf’s open declaration of supporting LeT and JuD and then the re-arrest of Hafiz Saeed right after Musharraf’s statement, have raised various rubbles in the international community.

India and Pakistan relations have heated up tremendously since the United National General Assembly 2017, in which Indian diplomats led by Modi government, made a clear choice of openly declaring Pakistan as “Terroristan”.

The unruly response by Pakistan was certainly noted on world forum affecting its credibility and overall image. After the summit in various other regional summits such as BRICS 2017 and ASEAN 2017, too, deliberated on pushing Pakistan to take the matter seriously. Even China, it’s all weather ally, had to agree on the same if not in spirit at least literally.

The pressure on Pakistan spurred from all directions cornering it to take strong action. Pakistan losing its credibility, indeed, needed a strategy to gain back lost confidence from US who almost threatened Pakistan otherwise. And it found a perfect plot, a mix of political and legal strategy.

The release of Hafiz Saeed happened just at the ninth anniversary of 26/11 attacks, to mock at India, failing to present any evidence against him in court. Followed by Musharraf, a leader charged for treason, who’s abrupt statement, “I am the greatest supporter of Lashkar and I know they (Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jamat-ud-Dawa) are fond of me.” and the sudden re-arrest, showcased as an effect of US’ warning. May be an ugly plot to juggle the blame for terrorist harboured in Pakistan.

Though Musharraf posed an anti-India stand since 1999 and was the major driver of even the Kargil infiltration that almost put India and Pakistan to a full-fledged war in 1999. His current declaration looks out of the place. Almost opposite of his policies directed against terrorism and his role in America, led the war on terror. Despite the allegations of treason on him, for which he is fighting cases by self-exile, why would he take such a risk? Unless he is been voiced over by ISI and the existing government to do so.

He and even Hafiz Saeed, are just actors playing on script written and directed by Pakistan. Re-arrest of Hafiz Saeed too, is not going to make a huge difference as he already enjoys subtle support from State and ISI. This is all nothing more than a drama to misguide international community to gain back lost credibility and clearing its name of the allegations posed by India in UN.

This is just the beginning of the strategy there might be more such episodes to showcase it as a response of re-arresting Hafiz Saeed. Pakistan has been and will be a ruthless state which runs on aristocratic lines. It was never, nor been, ever concerned about the welfare of its people. Let us not be deceived by its tactics and remember, terrorism is the basic instrument of its foreign policy, it will never change.

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Gurpreet Kaur

Gurpreet Kaur Sharma is a budding researcher. Before being part of The Voice of Nation, she worked as a National Policy Researcher for a public policy think-tank. A Lady Shri Ram college alumni with a Political Science degree, she is recognized for executing research activities to create public policy awareness. Her writing is majorly inspired by the socio-political aspects of the society.
Gurpreet is unprejudiced and likes to stay away from “ism”. She loves to travel, trek, read and listen to music.

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