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Be it men or women, Ram Jethmalani just want to have pleasure in kissing

“Can the kiss between Dharmendra and Ram Jethmalani get any more passionate?”

ram jethmalani

Remember this rather awkward photo between Ram Jethmalani and Dharmendra? It seems the seasoned politician and lawyer decided to take it a step forward. See the series of photos taken as Jethmalani and the late Kishore Kumar’s wife Leena Chandavarkar have another rather awkward moment. It seems Ram Jethmalani is fond of kissing. Be it men or women, he is least bothered.



Before the passionate kiss with Leena, Jethmalani makes sure that he pampers her and adore her nicely.



Although Leena refused to kiss in public, but Jethmalani insists and asked her not to care about the media.



Here Leena makes an effort to come closer to Jethmalani .



Ram Jethmalani gets impatient and pull Leena closer to him



Finally the kiss between Ram Jethmalani and Leena Chandavarkar. After Dharmendra, it was Leena who faced such a passionate kiss from Ram Jethmalani.