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Sachin Tendulkar using Bharat Ratna to attract advertisement offers… he must voluntarily give it up!

As a Sachin Tendulkar fan, it is painful to see him fall from grace. People are pointing fingers at him for impropriety, accusing him of exploiting the honour of the Bharat Ratna award. Courtesy of the highest civilian award, Sachin Tendulkar’s demand for advertising products grew and advertisers were paying bizarre amounts. Sachin Tendulkar endorses in excess of 12 brands, including Aviva Life Insurance, Boost (malt-based nutrition drink), MRF, Luminous and realtor, Amit Enterprises.


He accepted accounts without thinking, without paying heed to whether the brands are ethical. Unless an unprecedented amount is involved, why would Sachin bat for a non-entity like Amit Enterprises? Is he aware of the fact that there are multiple cases of fraud against Aviva Life Insurance that the insurance regulatory and development authority (IRDA) is looking into?

How can Sachin forget that he needs to be more responsible now than he was in his playing days? How can he behave so recklessly?

This is truly against the dignity, heritage, and belief of Bharat Ratna. Fortunately, the Indian judicial system is robust and alert enough to take necessary action against such individuals. The assistant Solicitor General has been asked to find out if there are any Supreme Court guidelines (any do’s and dont’s) for Bharat Ratna awardees. If so, and it clashes with Sachin’s activities, then the award should be retrieved.

I sincerely hope there is no clause that goes against Sachin’s case. At the same time, I also hope he puts a stop to his unsuitable ways.

His Rajya Sabha membership is only on paper. He is hardly seen present in the parliament, expressing his views and asking for help for the district in Mumbai that he represents as an MP. He is sitting on crores of MP funds even while people suffer from the lack of basics, water and electricity.

Doesn’t he realise that sensible, thinking people will raise questions? How come his conscience is not pricking at him? Giving priority to IPL matches at the cost of attending parliament shows he is least bothered about the upliftment of the poor.


While the parliament sessions were on, Sachin Tendulkar was enjoying VIP treatment at every IPL match. He was most at home, it clearly appeared on TV. Watching a game of cricket is more important to Sachin than making a difference in someone’s life. He could have been the advocate for the upliftment of other sports. Sachin could have batted for kabaddi, hockey, football, tennis and other games, his involvement would have ensured the execution of various measures and policies aimed at providing better facilities and equipments for India’s neglected sportspersons.

Sachin Tendulkar is a privileged person. His hard work and God’s will have taken him to the greatest heights in excellence. If he is unable to take up the responsibility of his constituency, if he feels it’s ok to do advertisements without consideration to national sentiment, he should first hand back the award, and then resign from his seat in the Rajya Sabha.

Sachin Tendulkar, like most of us say, was born to play cricket. Now, after retirement, he should stay in the game and help aspiring cricketers. Venturing into other areas will only result in embarrassment and shame.

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