India likes Atif Aslam, what is Shiv Sena’s problem ?


The Udhav Thackery-led right wing Hindu nationalist party, Shiv Sena, has once again reared its ugly head!

Almost flaunting its fanaticism and intolerance for non-Hindu communities, the Maharashtra-based, self-proclaimed saviors of Hindus- Shiv Sena on Tuesday issued a warning to Pakistani singer, Atif Aslam, saying if he holds his concert in Pune, he will face the consequences. This is, of course, because the ‘Jeena-Jeena’ singer is a Pakistani national. The concert was scheduled for 25th April.

shiv sena and atif

Shiv Sena behaves and talks as if they own Maharashtra.

When a non-Indian is given visa to enter Indian soil, it is considered that he is not a threat. The Government, only after comprehensive due diligence process, issues visa. Once the person enters India, he is free to visit any place and any State. For Shiv Sena to announce such threats publicly really makes them a subject of ridicule. The whole world considers Shiv Sena a radical entity. Their political speeches are littered with religious nuance and are infamous for inciting violence based on religious lines.

On the issue at hand, just read this: “Shiv Sena has always been against Pakistan and the motive behind cancelling the event is to show that Pakistan is traitor. The organizers praised our stand and with a big heart scrapped the event.” This bizarre, creepy logic comes from local Shiv Sena MLA, Mahadev Babar.

Mahadev Babar.
Mahadev BabaR

This one is even more hilarious: “We are from the field of arts, we wanted to do it, but then the intention behind the cancellation is totally appropriate. So we shall always remain patriotic,” said Sanjay Sathe, the organizer of the event. It is very clear from his tone that he was forced and bullied into cancelling the event. This is how Shiv Sena operates.

This is the decaying mentality of our politicians. This is purely an issue of art. Atif Aslam has no political affiliations, does not promote any party. He is just a talented singer who has enthralled the entire nation with his melody. Atif Aslam songs are known for their soulful music. Millions of Indians follow him with all their heart. The singer himself loves India and its people. He is grateful for what India has given him – fame money and recognition.

While he recorded songs in Mumbai studios, where was Shiv Sena then? He attends TV shows, sings in concerts and is seen interacting with all sections of the society. He says India is his second home. Shiv Sena and its ‘gundas’ have no right whatsoever to interfere.

The BJP Government in Maharashtra, led by Chief Minister Fadnavis, should have assured the singer and people of the city that such threats will not be tolerated. Instead, there is silence on the subject. People of Maharashtra want to come out in the open and protest but are scared of reprisals.

Shiv Sena is a dead organisation. It has lost all respect. Udhav Thackeray will do well by Bala Saheb Thackeray if he tempers down and takes control of the party in a secular, democratic and non-violent way. What has Atif got to do with Pakistan sponsoring terrorism in India? The Shiv Sena has always opposed Pakistani artists performing in their state. It’s an old disease and the only cure is balancing the equation of power in Maharashtra. They are too strong even at grass root level.

The heightened tensions between the two countries will worsen if such artistic events get cancelled. Shiv Sena is not only being disrespectful, but also intolerant towards Muslims and Pakistan when it cancels the concerts which promote healthy relationship between two countries.