Stop cooking communal curry with beef politics, appeals Corporal Sartaj, even as IAF steps in to take charge of one of their own!

The regular, unsolicited wave of sympathy coming in from politicians has become a big nuisance for Akhlaq’s grieving family. Politics has cast its ugly shadow already, with most politicians and parties talking about beef ban in their respective States to woo the majority Hindu. Bihar BJP leader, Sushil Modi, has already announced that if they are elected, they will ban beef.


Azam Khan, the quintessential SP leader, is busy polarizing the issue by writing letter to the United Nation, asking them to intervene and address the plight of Muslims, sowing seeds of hatred for each other.

Sartaj, the elder son of Akhlaq, is not seeking retribution for his father’s execution at the hands of a deranged mob. Instead, he is calling for calm, for his family to be left alone from the bogus compassion shown by unfeeling politicians.

Mohammad Akhlaq was brutally murdered by a gang of merciless creatures for allegedly slaying a calf for dinner. First the rumour spread like wild fire that there was beef being cooked in the Muslim household. Angry that mother cow was going to be gobbled up by their religious arch-rivals, a homicidal gang quickly gathered, stormed towards his house, broke into it, pulled Akhlaq by his hair and every part of his frail body that they could grip, dragged him out of his humble home, beat him with bricks that Akhlaq used for propping up his bed, and left him to die.

Lucknow: Family members of Akhlaq, who was lynched in Dadri with Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister AKhilesh Yadav, addresses media at his official residence in Lucknow on Sunday. PTI Photo by Nandkumar(PTI10_4_2015_000050B)

Son Danish hopelessly tried to intervene, and almost paid with his life. He is fighting for life in ICU. Sartaj should be an angry man, bursting at the seams for vengeance. He should have been galvanizing a counter-attack on the Hindus, eye for an eye, but he is asking for peace, the right to live without the fear of death. The family has claimed to have received threats from the elements involved in the case. One of the prime accused, Vishal, is the son of a local BJP MLA.

Corporal Mohammad Sartaj’s public declaration on national television, that he will seek the guidance from his employers, the all-powerful Indian Air Force, regarding the future of his family is a matter of disgrace for the Akhilesh Yadav Government. It is only because the Government couldn’t reassure the family of absolute safety that Sartaj had to look skywards…. and there they were..

IAF chief Arup Raha said they are looking at the possibility of moving the family to an Air Force area. “Whatever protection is required, we are giving it to him. We are trying to move (them) to some Air Force area. We are with him and our people are there to assist the family,” he said.


IAF sources said Sartaj is currently posted in Chennai and efforts are on to either enable the rest of the family to move there or transfer him to an area where his family can be.

Can Samajwadi Party, led by Akhilesh Yadav, claim to be secular when even days after the tragedy, security still isn’t assured… It’s the curse of the disempowered, especially those living in UP. They cannot demand justice, they can only hope that it is served. The long-nosed chief minister did visit Dadri to offer sympathy and the routine assurance that the guilty will be punished, he also announced a 45-lakh ex-gratia to the grieving family, but has continuously failed in his duty to make Uttar Pradesh livable.


Another thing… There is a perception that a majority of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s time is spent on making India an international favourite. In the process, he has either failed to spot, or shifted to a later date for consideration, the fringe elements endangering the future of the party. BJP came riding on the back of a historical mandate, but in four years’ time, it can all come crashing down if hardened Hindus are not tamed.

Champions of extremist Hindu ideology, people like Sadhvi Prachi, Sakshi Maharaj, and Yogi Adityanath, are not worth the pain that the BJP is suffering at their cost. With nothing to offer except hate for all non-Hindus, they should not be too hard to dispense with. It will also help shut the opposition up.


Leader of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Sadhvi Prachi said what happened to Akhlaq was deserving. PM Modi should not find it an acceptable point of view, and therefore, must act. If not, 2019 will seemingly come sooner than one imagines.