Rahul Gandhi’s hate speech against Modi smells of political opportunism!

Most people on social media appear to rue that day, but ever since Rahul Gandhi’s return from Bangkok late last week, he has demonstrated an altered version. He appears committed, fierce and hateful. There is more than a dash of smugness in his demeanour. The unfolding days promise to be a political thriller, starring Prime Minister Narendra Modi in lead role and Rahul Gandhi as a comical, wishful thinker.

What the almost two-month long mysterious absence did to him, though, we don’t know yet. But it has certainly infused a new vigour. In his speeches, he is shouting louder than before. He is bolder and uncaring of political backlash and is treading on dangerous grounds.


The crown prince held two interactive sessions with farmers on the eve of the rally at his residence. He wore the expressions of a messiah and easily won them over. He promised them that he will fight a decisive battle for their land. He didn’t tell them how he plans to achieve that when he has this penchant for disappearing acts. There is a suspicion among people that he may not even know the intricacies and the fine prints of the Land Acquisition Bill. On what basis, then, will he take the Government on when he is face-to-face with Arun Jaitley?

It’s clearly a fortunate turn of events for the ailing Congress party. They are using the Land Bill as a platform to announce their desperate return as a force to reckon with. In fact, it may not be about the Bill at all. In politics, if you are not seen to be championing a cause as opposition, you quickly slip into oblivion. People easily forget, they don’t ponder over your absence.

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The tipping point in his passionate speech at the Ramlila Maidan on Sunday came when the congress vice-president, without mincing words or exercising subtlety, accused the Modi-Government of being in cohoots with the big daddys of the corporate world. He said that the Prime Minister asked for, and accepted, money from the industrialist with the commitment to repay with land. To put it simply, the Indian Government is snatching land from the poor so that the capitalists can build and expand their empire.

Could the accusation be stupider? What was he thinking when he uttered those words? In today’s media-heavy atmosphere, is it even worth our while to give credence to Rahul’s allegations? What he is suggesting is, indirectly, questioning the robust accountability process in the country. It is a comment on the watchdogs, on their ability, or rather the lack of it. Is it that simple, to snatch land and pass it on to the capitalists? Every action has a consequence. Rahul Gandhi will have to substantiate his wild charge with more.


Otherwise, he ought to be charged for defaming a sitting Prime Minister. In their bid to reclaim power, the Congress party is employing devious means. What it is actually doing, unwittingly, is tarnishing their own image with irresponsible, silly charges.

He must be aware that he is perceived as a comic. The moment he started speaking in the parliament during the budget session, #RahulRoar started trending on Twitter and soon after that, #PappuMeows came as a rebuttal on the micro blogging site. Why does he do it?


Isn’t Rahul Gandhi, in effect, insulting people’s mandate by calling BJP anti-people and anti-farmer? Shouldn’t he restrain himself from committing political hara-kiri? Shouldn’t he be kept under observation, lest he opens his mouth again?

After spending two months in Thailand, he comes back and suddenly starts making all kinds of noises. He was even heard promoting Thailand tourism, selling its white, soft sand beaches.

One ought to feel sorry for the poor farmers, who are so easily swayed by Rahul Gandhi’s fierce speeches. Their gullibility appears to be Rahul’s greatest strength.

The truth is, his though process has depleted, he has run out of ideas and is simply blabbering. Only this time, he may have crossed the limits of political decency.

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