Country burning but still no strict action taken against the Home Grown Terrorists.


Authorities say an apparent suicide bombing has killed at least three people outside a police complex in eastern Pakistan.
Lahore police Chief Haider Ashraf says several people were wounded in the blast.
Live television footage from the scene showed smoke billowing from the building and people fleeing the scene.
No group immediately claimed responsibility for the attack, though the country faces a Taliban insurgency, and other threats from Islamic extremist groups.

Pakistan has always claimed that it is trying hard to take control of the situations that exist in the country, but after a little more patient hours and a time comes when the hours are smeared red. Nobody has forgotten the massacre that took place in the Army School Peshawar (Pakistan Terror Attack in school ) but this recent bombing shows the leniency of the Pakistan Government is regarding these kind of situation. This depicts that the government is unable to control and eradicate the home grown terrorist cells.

It is a high time when Pakistan’s government should accept what it is denying for a long time – Pakistan Terrorism and start to take action because if they are in the misconception that these terrorist groups are at all going to help them somewhere then it is their biggest fault.