Bihar elections: Nitish Kumar and Lalu Yadav? No, not again… Bihar deserves a breather!

They are all running helter-skelter, seeking unholy alliances. Bihar chief minister, Nitish Kumar, landed in Delhi on Saturday evening and called upon Congress vice-president, Rahul Gandhi, on Sunday morning to discuss pre-poll alliance between the JD (U) and the beleaguered Congress party. He wants to invite the Congress to join the ‘Janta Parivaar’.

RJD chief, Lalu Prasad Yadav, who inconceivably partnered with old foe Nitish Kumar to thwart BJP’s design to sweep Bihar elections, appeared to be in a foul mood. Apparently, Lalu Yadav had no clue about the meeting and released his frustration at being kept in the dark by attacking the media. He was chewing ‘paan’ so couldn’t speak clearly, but he was definitely angry and disoriented. Does Lalu sense treachery? What plan are Nitish and Rahul hatching up?


Traces of discord and one-upmanship between Lalu and Nitish are beginning to emerge at regular intervals and the facade of ‘Janta parivaar’ could collapse much before the Election Day. The people and the ideals that are part of this ‘Janta Parivaar’ are a strange mix of people, who, till very recently, were sworn enemies of each other. Lalu and Nitish Kumar could hardly stand each other and undoubtedly, still have a strong dislike for each other. Their coming together is a political compulsion, not a love affair.

Just days before, there was a bitter war of words between leaders of JD(U) and RJD amid speculation that the RJD chief was not keen to project Nitish Kumar as the chief ministerial candidate of the alliance. This is just the beginning.

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All the miscreants of Indian politics have joined hands. Lalu Yadav, with ‘fodder scam’ to his credit, is one of the biggest symbols of corruption in India. Nitish Kumar is over-ambitious, cunning and dictatorial. Sharad Yadav is a tough general with his own hidden agenda. Deve Gowda hardly matters and Mulayam Singh Yadav is simply an opportunist. He goes with whatever gives him political mileage.

With Nitish meeting Rahul Gandhi, Congress could come into its fold, too. This is a dangerous game to play. They share nothing in common. Well, except Narendra Modi! They have opposing ideals and principles and are only joined together because they fear Modi wave sweeping Bihar too.

Clearly, the idea behind the formation of an ‘umbrella family’ stems from the fear of Narendra Modi and the ruling BJP. They have made heavy dents in the States that these parties rule in and despite BJP’s trouncing in Delhi, the mood is still much in favour of the NDA Government.

Nitish and Lalu, who were toxic for each other till very recently, are hugging each other. They are making a mockery of themselves, with the recent past still too fresh. Nitish bashed Lalu at every given chance, and vice versa. He accused Lalu of giving birth to “jungle raj’. He called Lalu all kinds of names. He blamed him for lawlessness, which is rather funny because the degree of disorder in Bihar during Lalu’s rule can never be matched for its destructive nature. Lalu took Bihar 10 years behind. Lalu violated the political codes of conduct and the culture of Government, killing the hopes of millions.


Nitish and BJP ran a coalition government for two terms and were aligned for the past 17 years. Nitish’s sudden realisation after close to two decades that BJP is a communal party has no logic. In fact, it reveals Nitish Kumar’s hidden political ambition. Deep inside, he was harbouring the hope of becoming India’s Prime Minister but then Modi stood in the way, taller and stately.

His anti-Modi speech-making does not cut much ice. Nitish came to power with the help of the BJP, both in 2005, and 2009. It is therefore stupefying to see that the same Nitish Kumar joining hands with congress, adversary for around two decades.

The only thing that would matter in the end is how the people of Bihar react to this ‘opportunistic’ arrangement. They will surely notice the sheer arrogance of these politicians, their hypocrisy. People who vowed to destroy each other are smiling for the cameras, hand in hand. The public posturing is vulgar and insulting to the wisdom of the Biharis.

Their only agenda is to block BJP from forming the Government in Bihar. Not one leader has spoken of issues that concern ordinary people. Bihar is still backward in many ways and the need of the hour should have been to talk about developmental issues, rather than playing petty politics. Nitish Kumar is wandering around, imploring political leaders to join the bandwagon, instead of paying attention to his state, which is in deep waters. If the ‘Janta Parivaar’ wants to govern Bihar, they should talk about its vision for the state, how they plan to take Bihar out of the dark ages.

Despite Bihar’s rich mineral resources, most of its people live in some of the worst conditions imaginable. Till date, neither the RJD under Lalu, nor the JD (U) under Nitish, over a combined period of 20 years, have managed to utilize the abundance of rich resources to Bihar’s advantage. It was all left latent.

Why should dirty, rotten politics and conspiracy take priority over development and growth?

This desperate attempt to influence people of Bihar is bound to boomerang. They should test the wisdom of the Biharis at their own peril.

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