Lata Mangeshkar, a nightingale who turned into a jealous sister! Too bold and too disrespectful a claim?

As Indians, it is in our DNA to judge people by their talent. A great player automatically becomes a nice human being. Take Sachin Tendulkar, for example. Because he is a gifted player, people accorded him the status of God, choosing to ignore the shady element in his personality. He is a below average human being, but we keep it hush hush as it amounts to sacrilege!

Lata Mangeshkar is another such personality. We bow before her, call her Didi and treat her like saint. Our perception of Lata is emotionally-driven and only a clinical assessment would reveal the true nature of her personality. We may not be ready yet to portray her in negative light but it hardly matters.

Lata Mangeshkar had a terrible voice to begin with. She was unwanted in the film industry because she couldn’t sing to save her life. Acting was the natural option and she acted in eight movies and somehow earned a living. She persisted, and the rest is history! We all know she is a cult today.

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Lata’s Affairs

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Her desire for men quickly became well known and a series of affairs underlined her personality as bold and carefree. One of her first calculated moves was the affair with Bhupen Hazarika, who was a married man. She needed someone with influence in the industry and she made a decent choice. Perhaps, she loved him as well. The songstress even shared a room with Bhupen whenever she was in Tollygunj.

She went on to get involved with yet another married man, the legendary Bengali singer and a much married man, Hemant Kumar.

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Lata Mangeshkar’s taste for men further led to a relationship with cricket administrator, Raj Singh Dungapur. Both were regularly seen in private places in clubs and restaurants. Lata Mangeshkar had every right to have any number of relationhips, we are no one to judge. However, we shouldn’t revere such a person. Let’s not paint her as some sort of a saint. Let’s call a spade a spade. At the end of the day, we are equally human. Recklessly honouring people with controversial past is indicative of a society that has no sense of right or wrong.

lata mangeshkar, asha bhonsle

The greatest fight with her own sister, Asha Bhosle

lata mangeshkar, asha bhonsle

There has always been an undercurrent of jealousy from Lata’s side wth regard to her sister, Asha Bhosle. She was more versatile than Lata and that fact did not go down well with her. From the date of Asha’s marriage, Lata consciously erased from her mind for 20 years. She harboured some petty grudge and acted like an immature elder sister. Asha’s married life was not successful. She returned home, but received no support from Lata Mangeshkar. Asha was a vagabond for months. It was a tough phase in her life and became emotionally shattered after Lata abandoned her. Like the fighter that Asha Bhosle is, she is worked hard and achieved a name for herself, independent of Lata.

lata mangeshkar, asha bhonsle

Lata Mangeshkar dominated the music industry and played a wicket part in blocking emerging talent. It was an idea conceived to allow more and more songs to come her way. She created a monopoly and became a deeply feared personality, although her devious ways couldn’t stop Asha Bhosle from excelling on her own merit. She ddin’t have to use her association with powerful men to find a place for herself. Shockingly, Lata Mangeshkar has allegedly hijacked many songs that were originally destined for Asha.. Aye mere watan ke logo is one such example. Music Directors like, OP. Nayyar, Jaidev, Ravi, Khayyam, RD Burman and many others preferred Asha’s voice over Lata, a fact that irritated her.

Anuradha Paudwal’s career came to a sudden halt due to politics played by Lata Mangeshkar.

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Killing Usha Mangeshkar’s dreams

Yet another god gifted singer of the Mangeshkar family whose career as a singer couldn’t take off because she was forced to remain under the wings of Lata didi.

Quarrel with Sachin Dev Burman

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Lata has been infamous for picking fights with elder people. SD Burman and Mohammad Rafi have faced the ugly side of the legendary singer and have been know to avoid her at all times.

Fight with MD. Rafi

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She refused to sing duets with Rafi on many occasions on silly matters. Aren’t we being excessively kind to Lata Mangeshkar? She is in her old age and God give her peace, but when history is written, she should be justly represented.

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