Ayurveda to follow a contemporary trail with Yash Birla’s ambitious initiative

importance of ayurveda and yoga

importance of ayurveda and yoga

What if healthcare could be industrialized and Indianized with a single initiative, and offer a less plastic approach to your well-being? Yash Birla, the scion of one of India’s oldest industrialist families, and the owner of Yash Birla Group, is ready to bolster the healthcare segment of the company with Ayurveda.

Birla Ayurveda, a venture by Birla Wellness, offers the ‘Gift of Holistic Health through Authentic Ayurveda’. The project is in sync with the current trend, where people are getting more inclined towards organic healthcare – something that has been on course since the ingress of Yoga on a global platform.

Yoga and Ayurveda act as great leverage points for India’s burgeoning global presence, as the country plans to expand its significance on the cultural front. For this to metastasize, an economic standpoint in these two sectors seems to be really pivotal.

In the coming years, Ayurveda and Yoga would open up unending growth prospects for the healthcare industry. Therefore, it seemed completely plausible and even necessary to expand into an Ayurveda-centric sector to seize these opportunities.

This sentiment echoes the growth of Ayurveda in urban India. Ayurvedic products have been selling at a robust pace over the last five years due to increasing urbanization, improving consumer lifestyle, and a rising awareness about the harmful effects of synthetic products. This in turn, has resulted in the surprisingly fast innovations by Ayurvedic product manufacturers.

However, Ayurveda hasn’t always been non-existent to the media. Traditional healthcare and medicine have often been in the news either due to wide-scale public interest or due to the presence of Ayurveda’s bearded frontrunner on different television channels. Nevertheless, the international market tacitly encourages the local populace to chart more avenues in their ‘India experience’.

While Patanjali and other local businesses are making inroads into the FMCG and CPG sectors, Birla Ayurveda’s initiative will offer destination-oriented healthcare. Currently, Yash Birla’s group is focusing on operations in Kerala – suiting the parable of the state’s tourist landscape and providing an aesthetic appeal to their health programs.

For business magnates like Yash Birla, this presents an unprecedented scope of expansion, where the growth rate could possibly mimic that expansion rate of Internet and electronics in India. What’s more, the country is yet to explore the Ayurveda industry. With this push, the sector could sure draw the much-needed attention and seek investment from other business powerhouses.

Moreover initiatives like these are bound to get popular over the years as people around the world look up to India as a tourist destination with a tinge of spiritual and cultural awakening – with an add-on of Yogic healthcare.

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