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Pakistan playing victim card is a desperate act. It’s the ivy league of terrorism

Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, the voice of nation

India’s subtle use of the ‘Cold Start’ strategy against Pakistan has propelled Shahid Khaqan Abbasi to talk nuclear. Pakistan’s latest Prime Minister, while giving his maiden speech at the UN General Assembly, said his country possess short-range nuclear arms to counter ‘Cold Start’. It’s becoming diabolical now.

Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, the voice of nation, Pakistan in UN General Assembly

In his anti-India rhetoric, Abbasi accused India of indulging in terror activities against Pakistan and warned of a “matching response” if it ventures across the LOC (Line of Control), or acts upon its doctrine of limited war against his country.

It’s like crow calling the dove black. It’s also quite a lot like how Kim jong-un thinks. The North Korean leader of the hermit nation is rubbing off on Abbasi.

Pakistan in UN General Assembly(2017) is acting like victims and urging the United Nations to punish India stems from a deep sense of insecurity. It’s also a pretty foolish strategy on international platform. Pakistan knows the world knows what’s really happening. Terrorists sneaking in from the other side is staple news. The country hosts pronounced terrorist leaders, like Hafeez Saeed. The UN itself recognises the existence of terrorist camps in Pakistan.

Yet, somehow, Abbasi managed to keep a straight face while giving his maiden speech.

Pakistan does not have a strong economy or polity. It is highly dependent on the US and China for economic support. But the ISI, the handlers of the PM, are beginning to feel the heat. The rising confidence of International community on India, especially US, is making Pakistan resentful towards US. In fact, Abbasi recently dared to threaten US of critical consequences if Donald Trump cuts Pakistan’s supply.

Abbasi’s confidence stems from China’s growing tilt towards Pakistan. China has cleverly colonized Pakistan by pumping in billions of dollars in the country for various projects, like the OBOR.

donald trump, the voice of nation

Trump wants India to be a part of its changed policy in Afghanistan. Recently, US Senator Mark Warner moved an amendment successfully for solidifying Indo-US defence cooperation and taking a tough stance against Pakistan’s terror outfits, like the Haqqani network and the LeT. Interestingly, China couldn’t veil its dislike of terrorist activities in the troubled country at the BRICS summit. Naturally, when you are so heavily invested in a country, you don’t want wars to ruin it all. China cannot afford an Indo-Pak war, let’s just say that.

The shifting allegiances have made Pakistan nervous and desperate. It is now forced to subscribe to propaganda war to gain sympathy.

narendra modi, the voice of nation

India’s changed strategy to deal with the Kashmir problem internally, and overall security policy from defensive to offensive have taken a toll on Pakistan’s covert intentions. It is constantly working on its defence capabilities to match India. It is trying to win lost ground by diverting the attention from terrorism it spreads, to the Kashmir issue.

India needs to move strategically, both in dialogue and policy, to gain and maintain the confidence of International Community, not only to fight against terrorism, but also to settle Kashmir issue once and for all. Time testifies that India has lost ground on the issue just because of weak diplomacy. We must avoid any kind of nuclear wrath, even if we are confident that Pakistan will be on the receiving end. We must understand that it is senseless to use a sword where you need a pin.

We must also prepare for covert retaliation from an agitated Pakistan. The recent unidentified financial flow and arrest of terrorist agents underline the possibility of a looming security threat. We must be vigilant.

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