With 200 additional mosques, Germany could turn Islamic… Saudi Arabia should discuss food & shelter!

The tragedy in Mecca that killed around 100 people should have opened Saudi Arabia’s eyes to the increasingly stark humanitarian crisis in Syria. Instead, the oil-rich Sheikhs have cracked a sick joke by offering to build 200 mosques in Germany. A Syrian family, even if devout Muslims, will have no interest in mosques when stomachs are empty. For them, food on the plate and roof over head is all that matters!

Offering mosques is nothing but a sick joke, an insult to German generosity. While thousands of refugees endure the hazardous, death-defying journey across continents to European countries, Saudi Arabia and five other Gulf States have offered no resettlement spaces.

Saudi Arabia has reportedly accepted half a million Syrian people since civil war broke out four years ago, but as workers, not refugees. Their decisions are always based on ‘what’s in it for me!’

The Gulf States have conveniently forgotten that the refugees have been made homeless by the jihadists, armed and funded by Saudi Arabia. The aim was to train them to take out Syrian President, Bashar-al-Assad. Now, they fear their own creation, and Assad is very much alive!

Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf countries have so far refused to entertain the refugees because they fear Syrians loyal to Bashar-al-Assad could slip in, along with the sea of homeless humanity, and foster terrorism in the region. There is also the question of demographic change. In the UAE, foreign nationals already outnumber locals five to one! These are valid fears, but ones that can be tackled through caution and vigilance.

A Syrian refugee holds a baby in a refug...A Syrian refugee holds a baby in a refugee camp set in the town of Harmanli, south-east of Sofia on November 12, 2013.  Bulgaria's asylum centres are severely overcrowded after the arrival of almost 10,000 refugees this year, half of them Syrian. The influx has fuelled anti-immigrant sentiment in a country already struggling with dire poverty.   AFP PHOTO / NIKOLAY DOYCHINOVNIKOLAY DOYCHINOV/AFP/Getty Images

Sources say that the situation is so pathetic that in order to cross over to the other side, Muslims are converting to Christianity to make entrance easy.

History will not recount Saudi Arabia’s fears, it won’t matter. The future generations will judge the Saudis purely on the basis of whether they opened their doors to the homeless women and children, elderly and the sick!

By offering to build mosques, they have pledged something that would not directly benefit the struggling refugees.

It’s just another way to market Islam, perhaps?

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