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Enough of the pink overdose on Women’s Day! We don’t need tokenism

Women's Day

I might get an eyesore due to pink overdose. No, I am not going to rant why stereotyping colours is such a bad idea after all. Neither am I going to argue how commercialization of the International Women’s Day undermines gender issues.

But I do detest this deluge of texts that have flooded my phone since morning. Most of the messages are done in pink or purple, showing the silhouette of a woman in a hat, a fancy scarf, sipping something expensive (most likely wine). Very few images wishing Women’s Day actually have pictures of less glamorous women.

To me, celebrating women’s day seem more like a city thing. Small towns and remote villages in India don’t have malls and spas where they can spend their discount coupons. In fact, Valentine’s Day has a greater presence in the country’s hinterlands. After all, professing “love” is an easier option than actually giving a woman her rights. Or so it seems.

Did you notice that most portals have displayed pictures of women celebs, who have no doubt made a mark in the men’s world? What about those millions faceless women in India (the world is too big a place), whose lives are not affected by these mushy pop-coloured banners and hoardings?

Friends in Facebook have uploaded pictures, narrating how one office distributed Dairy Milk to celebrate the day, and another office asked the women to come to office dressed in pink. Why do women need to be treated with chocolates, and come dressed in a particular colour to celebrate a day dedicated to them. Isn’t the society been exactly this to women since ages? Trivializing their habits, and dictating what to wear.

Instead of all such hullabaloos, it would be great to see companies dedicating the Women’s Day to make policies that matter to women, such as give period breaks to women so that they can take a day off when facing excruciating pain on the menstruation days, grant early leave to mothers who are feeding their infants, flexible work hours to working mothers who have a hard time juggling between three jobs, one at office and two at home.

Unless we think of ways in empowering women by removing small challenges at work and at home, I don’t believe celebrating Women’s Day with pink placards will make things any easier for women, weak or strong, rich or poor, educated or illiterate!

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