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“Eat your spoon, save the planet,” says Indian edible cutlery-maker

Did you know that 120 billion pieces of disposable plastic cutlery are thrown away each year in India? That’s a lot of waste to harm the environment. Plastic is not bio-degradable, and poses a huge threat to our already polluted environment.


There is a huge gap between awareness and the civic bodies. The lack of awareness campaign by the civic bodies usually leads to the big pile of plastic in the dump yard. The plastic cutlery used in airlines, railways, parties, mass gatherings, and fast food joints expands the challenge of environmental degradation. A 2015 survey by Central Pollution Control Board in 60 Indian cities found that nearly 15,342.6 tonnes of plastic waste are generated every day.

Narayana Peesapati (in pic), the founder of Bakeys, makes sure his employees are hygienic, and are free of any skin disease so that his line of edible cutlery products are safe to consume.

Six years back while we were still busy debating on environment issues, one man from India took up the challenge and turned it into a profit-making venture. Narayana Peesapati, the man who introduced edible cutlery in India, had a brainwave in 2010.

A passionate environment protector, Peesapati set up Bakeys in 2011 to manufacture affordable edible cutlery. How lovely an idea it is, to be able to eat the cutlery after we are done with our supper…

Bakeys make chopsticks, spoons and forks by mixing rice, jawaar (sorghum flour) and water.

Bakeys’ idea was simple: sustainability. He used crop and water to make yummy forks and spoons that comes in various flavours. The start-up has not only produced edible cutlery, but also has promoted cultivation of a certain crop, besides providing jobs to people.

Chopsticks, spoons and forks are what Bakeys make by mixing rice, jawaar (sorghum flour) and water. There are no oil or added colours, making the cutleries safe. The brand also claims that their products are hard enough to use for meats; however, they are to be used with care unlike stainless steel spoons. Bakeys’ cutlery is firm enough to get you through a cup of hot soup without wilting, and can last long with a shelf life of three years if stored well.

Also, if you don’t feel like eating the cutlery, you could just toss it in a plant pot, and it will disintegrate, without harming the environment!

Imagine the convenience of not having to do the dishes after a lovely meal. May be Bakeys will soon come up with plates and bowls too, so that the ado of dishwashing can be avoided on weekends…


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