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Modernisation of police forces need much more than just funds

modernisation of police force in India

The Cabinet Committee on Security headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, gave its approval for the implementation of the umbrella scheme approving Rs 25,000-crore for modernisation of police force in India in next 3 years.


The increasing rate of crime in the country with the hate speech now and then delivered by expansionist neighbours have created insecurity in the country.Pakistan faceoff in UNGA, tussle with China for Doklam plateau, terrorist attacks in Srinagar and Rohingya’s refugees suspected as terrorist infiltrators have made the nation vulnerable to security threats. The agitated external forces are suspected to create internal tensions to destabilise the government.

 Indeed the step was much needed in the light of ongoing internal and external security breaches in the country. Modi government has fulfilled one of the most important poll promises by doing so but it could not be successful unless there is proper allocation and optimisation of the approved funds.

indian police

Broadly the sanction calls for maintaining internal security, law and order, women’s security by increasing availability of modern weapons, mobility of police forces, logistical support, hiring of helicopters and e-prison.

It aims at upgrading police infrastructure, forensic science laboratories, institutions and the equipment available with the aim of bridging the gap between the criminal and justice system by integration of police stations and the data base of crime and criminal records. Subsequently linking it with prisons, forensic laboratories and prosecution offices.

The modern technology will not only help in reducing crime rate but also in preventing crimes. It will also ensure that justice is served by bridging the gap between legal and police system. But again subject to effective implementation.

modernisation of police force in india

There are three major problems underlying the concept of modernising police forces. Firstly,the Indian Police Forces are yet to adapt the new technology of crime solving. Secondly, the safety of accumulated data base is a big issue in context to rising cybercrimes. Data base may be manipulated with hacking the system. Third and most important is proper allocation of funds. It is time testedthat be it money allotted for public welfare or defence it rarely reaches the destination. Corruptions is main reason for underperformance in big budget policies.

Modernisation of Police Forces need much more than just releasing funds, it needs a proper and effective implementation strategy.

The government needs to understand that in order to realise the objective behind this big budget sanction it must allocate the funds in two directions. The first part should be allocated in training the public officers so that they have acceptance and feasibility of using the new technology. Unlike the breach in Aadhar data government must ensure that the integrated data is secured by a full proof security software. The allocation and utilisation of funds in the stream should be closely monitored and accounted to avoid leakage of funds.

This is a historical step in development of Police Services hence it is important that we aim at proper inception and effective utilisation for a more Security capable India.




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