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Trump Is Just Following The Usual US Foreign Policy Of Provoking War With North Korea

Trump aggression lacks maturity

There have been drastic changes in the US foreign policies since, Trump joined the office as the President of United States of America. It will not be a speculation to reinstate that psychology of a country’s leader defines its relations with the states.  No one can disagree that Trump is an aggressive, assertive but a rational leader.

The much talked about Trump-Xi low key association to deal with North Korea testifies the same. Their recent growing closeness, economically and diplomatically, since Trump’s last visit to China appears to be the result of the special welcome Trump has been showered with. But Trump had no option other than allying with China as it could not bend upon Japan, given its strained relations, to counter North Korea.


Apparently, North Korean Leader, Kim Jong Un, provoked US for a nuclear war. However, the fact is that North Korea may have provoked Trump’s leadership but US diplomacy has a larger role in calling out for this rouge behaviour from North Korea.

For a long time US has been using its propaganda techniques to prove that North Korea is an improvised country due to its leadership. At the same time US also ensured that North Korea is not able to develop itself.

Trump provoking North Korea

Trump being no different has put on various sanctions on North Korea, further igniting the existing enmity. For the reason that an insecure North Korea, surrounded by enemies, who constantly showcase their muscle and money power may bring regime change, was trying to develop equal defence capabilities.

Since, the capabilities were against the US interests as it is not able to bring down the leadership  and unable to build a strong case of Humanitarian intervention, it provoked North Korea for further tensions.

China is just a part of the plan, though Xi stated that war should not happen in North Korea, by cutting support it is also now preparing for a pre-planned nuclear war to end the North Korean crisis, once and for all. And why wouldn’t it, US and China both have expansionist tendencies. The only difference is that US plays it by justifying and dragon is pretty open about it. Though this rising proximity of US and China will promote Chinese hegemony in the subcontinent, which is certainly not favourable for India.

Trump-Xi low key relations

So, the whole Trump administration, UN and international community is not able to find a solution to this crisis and the possibility of nuclear war is on the cards. In fact, it appears that China and US are well prepared for it. Recently, a state run Chinese newspaper even published an article for awareness entitled “Knowledge about Nuclear Weapons and Protection”. But the question is that, is this the only possible solution to end North Korean Crisis?

No, it is not, but then justification of wars is a game well played by US for long enough than our realization. And the world is again about to witness the game of Justification, only this time not in the name of humanitarian intervention but purely as self-defence. Hope that the world community is not blinded and takes proactive measures to protect innocent citizens of North Korea who have nothing to do with satisfying Trump’s inflated ego



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