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NIA’s success in probing Naxal funding will play a key role in uprooting Naxalism.

naxal funding case

After successfully probing terror funding in Kashmir, the National Investigative Agency (NIA) is now lowering its boom on Naxal targets.

NIA investigation

A team of NIA officials are preparing to leave for Jharkhand to investigate CPI (Maoist) leader Sudhakar’s brother, B Narayan and business partner,Satyanarayan Reddy’s role in Naxal funding. The duo was arrested earlier in August with over Rs 37 lakh in cash and gold, which they were carrying for Sudhakar’s family in Telangana.

Since the 1960s,Naxalism has been one of India’s biggest challenges to internal security. Although Naxal movement was initiated for securing tribal rights over resources, it soon became a “radical machinery” that was used by anti-state, anti-government elements and business lobbies to secure their own agendas.

Reports suggest that Maoists every year extort around Rs. 2000 Crore by abductingand blackmailing industrialists involved in illegal mining. After demonetisation, they received a set-back and stated using legal tenders instead. But they didn’t stop.

If elements of suspicion against B Narayan and business partner SatyanarayanReddy are considered, it would become clear that none of the naxalite leaders are interested in tribal welfare. They are simply exploiting tribal sentiments to secure their own ideological and monetary objectives. By preaching and supporting Naxalism, they are sheltering illegal exploitation of rich depositsof coal and bauxite.

Anti-India elements are also financing Naxal activities, prompting and mobilising them to rise against the Indian State.

In the past, the LTTE of Sri Lanka procured small arms from China through Nepal, thanks to their fraternal ties with the Nepali Maoists. However, it’s Pakistan and China who are the real backup for Indian Maoists today.

NIA investigation-1

Sayed Abdul Kareem, India’s once most wanted terrorist, admitted during interrogation,in 2013, thatPakistan’s ISIbacked by terror outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) is associated with the Naxal movement in India.Prior to him, Lashkar operative, Mohammed Omer Madani, allegedly said that he arrived in India in May, 2009, to initiate the ISI’s support to the Maoist insurgency against India.

Intelligence Bureau (IB) in various confidential reports suggested that Maoists in India are more organised and have a structured approach of functioning. They have received support from our hostile neighbours in terms of training, technique, arms and money. In 2008, nearly 500 Naxalites had been trained by banned Students IslamicMovement of India (SIMI) in the Vagamon hills on the Idduki-Kottayam border.

naxal funding case

In 2012, IB established that apart from training their men and women in guerrilla warfare, helping them make basic arms and ammunition, they now have facilities to manufacture parts for even complex systems like grenade and rocket launchers aided by Chinese intelligence. The report further states thatChina has been organising the Maoists and militant groups from Jammu and Kashmir and the North East region into a single war-fighting machine to hit Indian states.

With ISIS trying to lure Indian youth there is a high possibility that the “radical machiney” may join hands with ISIS for bringing down the Indian state. A possibility charge sheet was already submitted last year by NIA to a special court in Delhi. Though, the possibility was ruled out later.

But who knows? Stranger alliances have been formed for common causes.

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