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Kangana Ranaut bags another national award. Ex-beau Hrithik Roshan can go fly a kite!

Kangana Ranaut has bagged the National Award for Best Actress yet again for her awesome double-role in Tanu  Weds Manu Returns,  and I am jumping with joy for this piece of news. I had thoroughly enjoyed watching this film, and was hooked till the end, although it was riddled with weak story-telling. Kangana was so good in the sequel that nothing else mattered.

Kangana Ranaut has won the National Award (best actress) for enacting double roles in Tanu Weds Manu Returns.

I had hoped against hope that this curly-haired damsel wins awards at all the functions. But then I was apprehensive because her rapport with certain male A-listers was not “very-friendly”, and she had this extreme “disregard” for protocol.

So when Kangana Ranaut — the highest paid actress in Bollywood — didn’t make a single win at any of the Bollywood award functions in January this year, I was not surprised. She was “punished” for being herself, and for bluntly pointing out the sexist attitude of Bollywood towards its heroines.

Kangana's portrayal of simple girl going on a lone honeymoon in Queen won her the first National Award for best actress in 2015.
Kangana’s portrayal of simple girl going on a lone honeymoon in Queen won her the National Award for Best Actress in 2015.

The Queen star, who has been entangled in a bitter legal spat with her ex-beau, has done one thing for sure, apart from washing all their dirty linen in the public: damage Hrithik Roshan’s reputation. Hrithik must be cursing the day when he decided to get “friendly” with Ms Ranaut. If ever, he was looking for a little bit of fun with the spunky actress, must now be realising that not all “hot chicks” are to be rubbed the wrong way.

And I guess, whoever suggested Hrithik to send a legal notice to Kangana for defamation, must be regretting his decision. The notice has only enraged the “queen” of Bollywood, and she has come out in public, telling the world all about the dirty tricks of Hrithik.

The Queen star, who has been entangled in a bitter legal spat with her ex-beau, has done one thing for sure: damage Hrithik Roshan’s reputation.

With Kangana’s barrage of brazen remarks, industrywallahs are ducking under the table to save themselves from the fury of this self-made star. And this is what endears her to us. She is on-your-face honest, doesn’t shy away from citing her ex-relationships, and she dares to bare the “best kept secrets” of B’ Town’s scandalous society. Her comment “Just ‘good friends’ (in Bollywood) means a f*ck buddy who’s been slightly promoted,” was such a shocker, to say the least!

The Katti Batti actress is avenging all those slurs that the industry had heaped on her during her initial days. From criticising her for her speech pattern, to her lack of any “filmi background”, Kangana had faced it all. And now that it’s her time, she is making sure that her tormentors get paid back in the same coin.

Kangana had won the National Award for Best Supporting Actress in 2010 for her portrayal of a drug-addicted model in Fashion.

After the Hrithik-squabble, rumours are floating that no top actor from Bollywood will work with Kangana. How dare she take on the big boy’s league; no right-minded heroine would do such a sacrilegious thing! Kangana has done blasphemy, and she will be ousted from the big banners, a turf of all the A-listers.

But, Kangana is made of tough stuff, and she cares two hoots for such gender politics. With the second win for a superb double role, Kangana has yet again proved that no matter how the male-chauvinist industry reacts to her ultra-feminist views, she is here to stay, and rock their boat too! Apart from inhibitions, she has nothing to lose!