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China is partnering with Pakistan to overtake India: CPEC

China Pakistan

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi stated that China and India have far greater shared strategic interests than differences, and far greater needs for cooperation than partial friction but its actions are contradictory to its claims. China’s insecurity from India, given its demographic weakness, had led to One Belt and One Road (OBOR) and its flagship project China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a long term strategy of economic warfare to create and maintain regional hegemony.

China’s OBOR initiative

China is well aware that its productive population is about to see a tremendous downfall in the coming years affecting its economy and political position as the power house of the world. Trump presidency raised high hopes for China to secure its position as economic and political hegemon of the world. Though its demographic challenges are pulling it back making India a stronger contender in the economic race.

Hence, China has sought to buy loyalties around the belt by its ambitious project OBOR. China’s globe-trotting president is expanding Chinese influence to the corners of Eurasia through this project.  China’s geo-strategic approach is to gain confidence in the Central Asia, Europe, and Indo-Pacific seaside countries in the name of development strategy.

This will certainly benefit trade in the region but at the cost of Chinese hegemony. The ultimate beneficiary of this project will by and large be China itself both, economically and politically, as the centre of attraction of this project is our very own hostile neighbor Pakistan with China-Pakistan Economic corridor or CPEC initiative.

The question is, why is China supporting economic development of Pakistan despite the fact that it has been tagged as a terrorist nation by worldwide communities?

China is smartly preparing a dual political and economic attack on India, at the same time securing its position as regional and further global hegemon.

Politically, China is eagerly willing to support economic development of Pakistan to side track US and launch proxy war against India using Pakistan. As Pakistan’s initial bend towards US has now lost relevance since US has pulled its support on the world forum. Hence, its diplomatic endeavours can only be supported by China. So forth, it looks like Pakistan’s earlier divided loyalties between US and China are now monopolised by China completely. Further, given China’s opportunistic aggressive nature, it is quite clear that this geo-strategic initiative is to develop its confidants around the region to counter India’s dominant position in the region.

Economically, China is securing a larger market and consumer base in Eurasia and at the same time raising contenders against India to slow down our progress. The proxy war through Pakistan is definitely affecting our economic development to a huge extent, unless, we have a counter plan.

Our economy is finally in the “take-off” mode, such disturbances can pull us back until we prepare a counter strategy. We need to think ahead China, since, no matter whether India agrees to CPEC and OBOR at large or not, it has no power to stop it from happening.

India’s Parallel OBOR

We cannot ignore the fact that the project has numerous economic advantages for developing countries in the region. Though, we have a legal ground to counter CPEC as it will have to cross POK, we cannot and must not counter China’s OBOR as it can hamper our regional image and will only make things easier for China.


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Gurpreet Kaur Sharma is a budding researcher. Before being part of The Voice of Nation, she worked as a National Policy Researcher for a public policy think-tank. A Lady Shri Ram college alumni with a Political Science degree, she is recognized for executing research activities to create public policy awareness. Her writing is majorly inspired by the socio-political aspects of the society.
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