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Ramya Prasad (56)
Is the Khalistan Referendum 2020 campaign really peaceful?

I am a policy analyst, with MA in Political Science who joined the publishing industry in 2014 - something I never believed I ever would.

I have been recognized from my analytical reports on external and internal factors affecting the nation's integrity. My interest further extends to socio-political policies and creating public policy awareness.

Apart from my daily job, I am authoring a book on "Geopolitics within the SAARC Nations," which should be published in a year (or two).


Abhishek Dinman (13)
Defence start-ups can only contribute to R&D if they get simulative environment.

Writing and reporting on national security issues may arguably be one of the most challenging beats for a journalist, and my transition from a sports journalist to being TVON’s editor was not without effort. I designed content for ESPN STAR Sports and extensively covered tournaments nationally and internationally. I was also an investigative journalist for ZEE’s India’s Most Wanted. But I have been profoundly impacted by rising threats to India’s national security, resulting in loss of numerous lives. This has both saddened me and helped in reshaping my thought process. I’m acutely aware of the changing geopolitical dynamics today and never afraid to speak my mind. My interface with policymakers and national security experts gives me perspective and insight, helping me provide context and statistics to stories about terrorism and national security policy.

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Niharika Sahay (33)
How banning Chinese apps fosters India’s National & Data Security

I have the knack and enjoy uncovering the hidden layers of the most complex national security concerns. Art and entertainment interest me, too. A Hindu College alumni, I have written for The Hindustan Times and The Financial Express. Now and then, I love picking up my camera to capture life and its various shades.

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Prakhar Das (0)

Ashwin is a professional journalist with expertise on modern technology, politics, social studies. He received his degree of strategic journalism from the Delhi School of Journalism. He started his online career back in 2015 where he joined various media publication as a freelance contributor and editor. In his spare time, Ashwin loves to read novels and create sensible research papers.

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Mohit Gulati (1)
Effective Inter-Country Security Cooperation Is A Must To Counter Extremist Tendencies

I like connecting the dots. National security issues drive my thought process even when I am not working. I am quite fanatic when it comes to exploring and analyzing problems of national importance. I have a parallel side, too. I’m a metalhead, foodie, and gamer. You will also find me in online political debates and creepypasta portals.

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M Kiran (3)
Equipping law enforcement with digital forensics is a must for ensuring national security

I am a national strategy writer with more than six-year experience in international relations with a focus on South Asia. With an academic background in Social Sciences, I take a deep interest in all forms of power dynamics. I am an introvert, but quite expressive in my writing.

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Abhijeet Gautam (0)

I found my niche at TVON, and I love it. I was previously associated with a startup where I wrote on cybersecurity threats, Technology and Analytics. A quick thinker, I like shattering established opinions and continuously view things from a different perspective.

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Siddarth Rana (3)
How EY-IBM Advanced Security Operation Can Enhance Indian Security?

Hi, I'm The Voice Of Nation's Keymaster/Administrator. Mostly, I perform overall website maintenance and ensure security features to protect our reader's interest. Further, as a professional journalist as well, I publish compelling stories related to TVON's mission and vision of circulating news headlines worthy to be shared.

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