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1. Author Name: Gurpreet Kaur

Description: I am a national security analyst. Before joining The Voice of Nation, I worked as a National Policy Researcher for a public policy think-tank. A Lady Shri Ram college alumni with a Political Science degree, I like creating public policy awareness around India’s homeland security. My writings are largely inspired by the socio-political factors, both external and internal, affecting security of the country.


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2. Author Name: Mayur Das

Description:I like connecting dots. National security issues drive my thought process even when I am not really working. I am quite fanatic when it comes to exploring and analysing issues of national importance. I have a parallel side, too. I’m a metalhead, foodie, gamer and a lover of occult. You will also find me in online political debates and creepy pasta portals.


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3. Author Name:Meghna Shekharan

Description:I am a national strategy writer with more than six-year experience in international relations with a focus on South Asia. With an academic background in Social Sciences, I take deep interest in all forms of power dynamics. I am an introvert, but quite expressive in my writing.



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4. Author Name:Nitika Bhatia

Description:I am versatile and result-oriented when it comes to content creation. I have had some good years at the Indian Express and NDTV, but TVON has given me wings. I have always been drawn towards India’s defence and national-security environment, its military capabilities in Asia and its foreign policy. I also write on emerging trends and technology and their influence on the world security scenario.


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5. Author Name:Rohan Mahajan

Description:I found my niche at TVON and I’m loving it. I was previously associated with a startup where I wrote on cyber security threats, Technology and Analytics. A quick thinker, I like shattering established opinions and constantly view things in a different perspective.



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6.Author Name: Abhishek Dinman

Description: Writing and reporting on national security issues may arguably be one of the most difficult beats for a journalist, and my transition from a sports journalist to being TVON’s editor was definitely not without effort. I designed content for ESPN STAR Sports and extensively covered tournaments nationally and internationally. I was also an investigative journalist for ZEE’s India’s Most Wanted’. But I have been deeply impacted by rising threats to India’s national security, resulting in loss of numerous lives. This has both saddened me and helped in reshaping my thought process. I’m acutely aware of the changing geopolitical dynamics today and never afraid to speak my mind. My interface with policy makers and national security experts gives me perspective and insight, helping me provide context and statistics to stories about terrorism and national security policy.
On the side, I spend time with recovering addicts and help them heal.

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7. Author Name:Rubi Borgohain

Description:I have the knack and enjoy uncovering the hidden layers of the most complex national security concerns. Art and entertainment interest me, too. A Hindu College alumni, I have written for The Hindustan Times and The Financial Express. Every now and then, I love picking up my camera to capture life and its various shades.



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8.Author Name: Sahil Bajaj

Description:I am passionate about mean machines, a fact that instinctively introduced me to the arms and ammunition sector of the country. My background in B.Tech in Automobile Engineering steered me towards understanding the technical aspects of defence and related issues. I love watching European football and cricket.


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