A recent report by Hindustan Times claims that Pakistan has launched a cyber warfare against India by spreading fake propaganda on Islamophobia in India. HT reported that authorities in India has linked several social media posts especially running in in the Gulf countries that targeted India and Prime Minister Modi to Pakistan.

Intelligence agencies in Pakistan have been exploiting social media platforms to fuel anti- India sentiments in the Gulf countries to put a strain on the ties of India with the middle east countries. Indian security agencies have traced a number of social media accounts that are based in Pakistan and are used to achieve the malicious objective.

Earlier, Pakistan used similar tactics to target India when the Indian Parliament revoked the special status of the state of Jammu and Kashmir in August 2019. However, Pakistan miserably failed to embarrass India in the international community over Article 370 of the Indian Constitution issue.

The report also suggested that hashtags such as “ShameOnModi” and “ChaosInIndia” were sponsored by Pakistan-based terror groups and ISI. Such hashtag trends were backed by circulation of fake videos that falsely visualised attacks on Muslims in India followed by fallacious tories of entire Muslim community under attack in India.

As per HT, the agencies classified such Twitter handles into four broad categories – aggregators, feeders, spreaders and influencers. Feeders collect the information from aggregators and forward it to spreaders. It is interesting to note that most of these aggregators accounts were created between January-April –indicates a pre planed effort to target India.

Earlier, the base of the spreaders was largely limited to Pakistan. As per the recent reports, some of the spreaders have been traced in several Gulf nations. Pakistan is leaving no stone unturned to attack India at almost every level. Almost daily, Pakistani Military faces defeat on the the LOC by the Indian military.

Earlier, it was reported that Pakistan has been trying to push coronavirus positive individuals across the border which was exposed by the Indian authorities. At a time when the whole world is standing together in the fight against the deadly virus, Pakistan must be held accountable for such actions that in reality are a crime against humanity.