Why India can’t afford to let the guard down on security amidst coronavirus outbreak? As we observe nationwide lockdown, our jawans continue to stop infiltration and Naxal ambush.

Even as countries around the world are focusing all their attention and energies on combating the Covid 19 pandemic, terrorist groups operating in Pakistan and Naxalite-Maoist in eastern India remain fixated with their objectives. The recent attack on a Gurudwara in Kabul, which killed 25 people is a wake-up call for India as to why it can’t afford to let the guard down on security amidst Coronavirus outbreak.

If anything, the pandemic is seen by the terrorists as an opportunity to exploit and extract whatever advantage they can from the obtaining situation. Just 2 days ago, Security forces stationed in north Kashmir’s Kupwara district braved snow and averted an infiltration attempt, eliminating 5 terrorists. Alongside this, the continuous struggle between the Naxalite and Security forces has gained enormous trigger, despite nationwide lockdown.

After naxals, security forces now also tackle Coronavirus:

Just a couple of days ago, Naxals dealt a heavy blow to security forces in Chattisgarh killing 17 personnel of the Chattisgarh Police in the Bastar region. The attack, in Sukma district, has turned out to be one of the deadliest in the region against the security forces.

Therefore, one can see that the Security forces stationed in the insurgency-hit Bastar division of south Chhattisgarh are not just fighting naxals, but are also tackling the pandemic Coronavirus. Inspector General of Police (Bastar range) Sundarraj P recently told PTI, “Directives have been issued as a prudent measures to keep the forces safe.”

Although the nation is strictly observing the lockdown following COVID-19 outbreak, with businesses coming to halt, private companies opting to work from home, aviation & railway sector suspending their services, yet the security forces remain active in their duty. At present, at least 80,000 security personnel, including different wings of paramilitary forces and the state police, are deployed in Bastar region.

The Union Home Minister has said troops across all Naxalites zones in Jharkhand and the Andhra-Odhisa border have now been put on high alert. Recent inputs from the officials suggest that a large group of Maoists have started “regrouping” and have also planted improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in some areas to take advantage of the ongoing lockdown.

So, while we sit at home and complain about the luxurious lifestyle that we are missing out on, just this once it should be significant for us to support the government and security forces dealing this outbreak.