What if we tell you that India faces more danger from inside than the outside? What if we suggest that the reason behind threat and menaces is because of our own ignorance and lack of statesmanship by the authorities? You might feel these two questions are emerging from exaggerated assertions made by pseudo-liberals, malignly accusing the actions of the Indian security forces of mal-practises without any substantial grounds. However, that is not the case. In this article, we will try to explore the truths and debunk myths underlying the two questions raised above.

To understand in details, we are bringing in Shishir Gupta’s book Indian Mujahideen: The enemy within. In the book, Shishir asserted that it would be too ‘naïve’ to call the homegrown terror group Indian Mujahideen as the ‘demon child of Pakistani ISI’. He also says that the youth of SIMI, the feeder cadre of Indian Mujahideen, was radicalised by the series of events following the Babri Masjid demolition. Experts across the spectrum agreed that Indian authorities at large failed to manage a public crisis that emerged post demolition.

Later on, Shishir also claims that the reason for the radicalisation of SIMI youths was shaped by perceived Hindu aggressiveness on the part of Muslims. They were discontent with the authorities due to the fact that they were unable to provide security to the minority in the riots occurred post demolition. The rest was done by 9/11, after which the Muslim community was majorly accused of the mishappening. On the other side, Hindu youths were frustrated by events such as the Parliament’s action of overturning the Shah Bano Case ruling by the Supreme Court of India the killing of the Kar Sevaks due to burning of a train bogey in Godhra. Well, both the sides were only exposed to only one side of the story projected to them.

Students pelting stones on the Indian armed forces in Kashmir
Students pelting stones on the Indian armed forces in Kashmir

Something similar happened in the Indian part of the Kashmir. Mass corruption, maladministration and ‘rule by law’ of the state of Jammu & Kashmir proved to be vicious. Pakistan sponsored and Saudi funded terrorists found this as an opportunity to radicalise the discontented youth against their own nation. Our backdrops and loopholes in the system are then exploited by hostile foreign powers to create anarchy in our land. Recently, due to continuous philanthropic efforts of the Indian Army in Kashmir, such as providing free school education and health facilities, have won million hearts and have brought a considerable number of youths in the mainstream.

Public services by the Indian Army is only a temporary solution, given the lack of sources and experience. The real answer is to provide real good administration to the people of Jammu & Kashmir. Recently, the bifurcation of the erstwhile state of Jammu & Kashmir into two Union Territories by the Central government through the act of the Parliament can fill the gap that was created by previous authorities. It is now totally on the bodies of the newly created UT of Jammu & Kashmir to extract the best out of the youths of the state to take their region to new heights or leave them for exploitation as the earlier authorities previously did.