In 1980s when Sikh militant movement was at its peak many Sikhs militants fled from Indiato escape from law and took refuge and asylum in the Western World.In their adopted countries like US, Canada, UK, France and Germany many of these Sikhs continue their anti-India propaganda and name of such Sikhs were listed separately in a list by the Government of India making them ineligible for visas to visit India. T list until now contained names of 314 Sikhs due to which they face difficulty in approaching Indian missions when they or their families need any help until recently announcement of Indian government stating that it will remove 312 Sikh from the blacklist.

In the past from time to time GOI removed names of persons from the blacklist and recently, Ministry of Home Affairs announced that it has removed the name of blacklisted 312 Sikh foreign nationals bringing the list down to 02. These were the Sikhs who had been barred from travelling to India for decades. They will now be eligible to get Indian visa and the Overseas Indian Card. Government has also abolished the maintenance of local blacklists at Indian missions.The decision to remove the names was taken after review of ‘threats’ posed by these people to India.Prime Minister Narendra Modi was first reported to have agreed to review the list at a meeting with UK-based Sikhs during a visit to London in 2015 and mandated National Security Advisor Ajit Doval to lead the exercise within the security establishment.


This is seen as a welcome step among Sikhs separatists and they had expressed gratitude to the Central government and stated that by providing opportunity to such 312 Sikh foreign nationals to visit India, meet their family members and reconnect with their roots and pay obeisance at Sri Harmindar Sahib in Amritsar during such auspicious occasion of 550th Birth Anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji (founder of Sikh religion).

Government has done its part of outreach to splinter Sikh groups. The move shows the sensitivity of Indian Government towards the human rights of minorities who have been away from their roots and without their demand had gifted them this opportunity. Even former militants like Wassan Singh Zafarwal (Khalistan Commando Force) had praised Govt. for the initiative.