The world has witnessed wars many a few over the course of history. With changing times came different and enhanced weapons that could destroy bigger targets and kill multiple in a single strike. But, imagine an entire army using their phones and computers, sitting at home sipping tea, creating an impact that has the potential to alter the world. Welcome to the age of cyber warfare.

These and many more tweets claiming Pakistan to be the messiah of people in Kashmir and showcasing their love for each other lie in abundance, while the news say otherwise.

Internet is the platform that has squeezed the entire world into the hands of every individual. So much so, that countries are waging wars on each other using a virtual army. After recent developments on Article 370 in Kashmir, an increase in the internet activity from across the border is the first thing to have made a rather slippery landing in India.

With more than 1,500 Pakistani bots talking about Kashmir,identified by Innefu Labs, a cyber security firm based in Delhi, the questions that arise are aplenty.The removal of Article 370 has placed Kashmir at a pedestal that will help it gain peace, prosperity and development in the years to come. However, with normalcy slowly spawning in the valley, hatred on the internet is only maligning the efforts that are being made towards a unified tomorrow.

According to India Today, Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), has recruited students, hackers and techies specifically for disseminating false information about the situation in Kashmir. One wonders if the storming of internet with alleged videos of atrocities from Kashmir, while the internet services remain shut, has something to do with these accounts, and their underlying motives.

The annulment of Article 370 also brought Achilles heel, the infiltration of militants from across the border, under control. After its removal since August 5, 2019, there has been a drastic fall in terrorist activities. Also, with two Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) militants recently getting arrested on the Jammu and Kashmir border, the efforts to create disruption in the valley on ground are being put to rest, which somehow points towardsthe wager of Pakistan’s cyber war with India peeking beyond limit.

A close analysis by Innefu Labs also revealed that the activities being done on all the Facebook and Twitter accounts was similar, with the same set of accounts retweeting each other’s materials. It is beyond disbelief to come across a news like this at a time as sensitive as this one. Creating a perspective and encouraging the entire population towards fueling fake images, videos and stories online, is something that was not expected from Pakistan.

Given the actual Scenario of the valley, and normalcy being restored, we know that tomorrow holds a beautiful future for Kashmir, and it will build itself up from this point despite anyone’s efforts to create disruptions.