How EY-IBM Advanced Security Operation Can Enhance Indian Security?
Robotic hand holding a cube with binary code on it, computer illustration.

In the most recent announcement made by Global professional services firm EY, it will be launching Advanced Security Operation (SOCs) in India, in association with IBM. The launch is expected to bring a dramatic change in the Indian corporate security environment given the latest technological features.

The advanced security is an effective combination of EY’s Managed Services offerings and powered by IBM’s “QRadar” platform. The advanced security operations introduced aim to detect, address, respond and even analyze potential security risk, as per company’s recent announcement.

Burgess Cooper, Partner-Cyber Security, EY India explained, “A well-designed Security Operations Centre (SoC) can go a long way in enabling information security functions to respond faster and work more collaboratively, thereby driving the business to deliver on its core objectives in line with its strategic direction and vision.” This can be seen as an important advancement for the Indian corporate.

According to a survey conducted by defence grade technology maker Thales, it has been observed that data breach incidents in India have been higher if compared to the global average. As per the findings stated in Thales Data Threat Report 2018, “Around 52 per cent of Indian respondents reported a data breach last year, way above the global average of around 36 per cent. A full three quarters (75 per cent) of respondents in India reported data breach at some time in the past, compared with just 67 per cent globally.”

The findings of the report made it evident that corporate need to upgrade their security strategy and features, as per the changing need of time and threats to avoid any future data breaches. Moreover, Indian corporate needs to adhere to privacy protection and match the global standards for better business prospects.

Advanced Security Operations Centre introduced by EY and IBM certainly has a wide scope and is capable of meeting the advanced security requirement as 77 per cent of Indian organisations in 2018 thought about reworking their cyber security framework and architecture to support the business more effectively and efficiently.

As expressed by Vikas Arora, Chief Transformation Officer, IBM India/South Asia, “The combination of EY’s SOC security architecture combined with IBM’s cognitive offerings will help EY customers secure their organisations more effectively,” which not only provide internal and external threat intelligence but also offer active guidance on containment, eradication and remediation of potential threats.

Indian corporate security environment can greatly benefit from the advanced technology given the customized capabilities strengthening the cyber security posture.