‘Trinetra’ may soon become backbone for UP police force operations
‘Trinetra’ may soon become backbone for UP police force operations

On 28th September 2017, Ministry of Home Affairs approved a modernization plan for Indian Police Forces. A Rs25 billion “umbrella” police reforms scheme was expected to be implemented by 2020 as per the planned program. The scheme was looked upon as a “one of the biggest moves towards police modernization in India.”

Experts raised concerns that need for structural mechanisms are required in the Indian Police System. A defined separation was needed between agencies dealing with “investigation” and “law and order” with separate accountability mechanisms.

With technologies like ‘Trinetra’ coming into the picture, it looks like Indian Police Forces are on track towards achieving the desired effectiveness of operations through separations.

Named ‘Trinetra’ meaning ‘third eye’ is an artificial intelligence backed data support, launched by the UP Police chief OP Singh at a conference of senior officers during the annual ‘police week’ celebrations in Lucknow.

UP Police with the help of ‘Trinetra’ will be able to solve cases through artificial intelligence backed data analytics. As per information, the application has records of more than five lakh criminals, collected after merging criminal records of the state police, the prisons department and the GRP that guards the railway network in the state.

A senior official involved in developing the app explained that the digital data base accumulated in the application will help police officers in resolving cases by deploying techniques, like face recognition, text search, biometric records analysis, phonetic search, artificial intelligence (AI) and gang analysis to “zero in on the criminal” in a quick and targeted manner.

As per the media statement given by the UP Police chief OP Singh, “This app has a database of about 5 lakh criminals of the state and it will provide access of crime files and dossiers to my officers and personnel on the ground in a seamless and reliable fashion. This app is aimed to help them crack a case fast and ensure relief and justice to crime victims.”

The application introduced can prove a major breakthrough in speeding up the investigation and connecting relevant dots not just to identify the on time case but also plausible threats. The features of the application include artificial intelligence tools to identify criminals through their faces or photographs, past FIRs where a person was named as an accused, explore links of a criminal with any gang, scan fingerprints and voice samples and can search the name of a criminal even if it is misspelled.

Such data analytics application can play a major role in improving the overall efficiency of the police system, being a part of the modernization reforms initiated by the government.