The success of Internal Security Apparatus is highly dependent on  healthy judicial system of a country. However if independence of Judiciary stands on the crossroads then that will put the entire internal security of the nation at risk.

As per a recent statement given by Jammu and Kashmir Governor Narinder Nath Vohra in his address to RAW’s annual Kao Memorial Lecture-“We need to weed out corruption from police and judicial system. The entire criminal justice system needs reform. Allegations (are) made against higher judiciary, including the Chief Justice of India. The need is to clean the system and effectively ensure justice,”

The existing judicial crisis is not just a blow to the reputation of the highest judicial body in the country but also be a severe attack, weakening the internal security of the nation.

Corruption in judiciary will erode the trust and confidence that people of the country have vested in the system of justice. If people lose the confidence their desperation in helplessness will begin contesting the entire internal security apparatus that will be a blow to the cooperation and legitimacy enjoyed by the security apparatus till now. In fact, it will not be wrong to state that the process has already triggered.

The effectiveness of law enforcement is more than just catching the guilty. It effectiveness is measured in terms to the end result, the punishment which defines justice. But in absence of an effective judiciary no matter how hard the police officers and the internal security work for the people they might fail to deliver the desired results. This will further not just disappoint and shatter the confidence of people but also the police officers who work hard to file a charge sheet based on evidence.

The continued process for a duration, will set the wheels in force creating a massive disappointment among the people of the country. Particularly the weaker sections who look forward to judicial system for protection of their rights. Given the absence of an effective judicial system they will be kept aloof from their rights.

It will further stimulate the feeling of insecurity and anti-social means to gain objectives. The anti-national elements like terrorism and radicalisation are already trying hard to dismantle the base of our internal security by influencing weak sections and elements like Naxals and Maoist. With this they will also get an opportunity to feed on destability it will have caused. This may lead to more critical security threats both internally and externally.

There are two points that need immediate attention in this context. Firstly, strengthening and ensuring an effective judicial system and secondly, strengthening the Law enforcement forces such as National Investigation Agency, Anti-Terror Squad, by an effective system of coordination from state police forces and investigation agencies.  There is already a proposal to set up a collective criminal data for the forces to investigate and accumulate evidence. Such a system should be immediately implemented with a hack proof system in place.

Both the steps simultaneously will ensure to establish and promote confidence on Rule of Law and prevent internal security threats that may surface sooner or later in absence of the same.