Rahul Gandhi should be advised to avoid speaking senselessly. His obsession with Narendra Modi and the compulsion to malign the Prime Minister with unsubstantiated charges have already established him as a politician without much gravity. These are his formative years in politics and he is hurting his own foundation. And he doesn’t even know it.

On Wednesday, he showed us yet another example of desperate politics. The Congress vice-president said he has some ‘personal information’ about Modi’s complicity in a scam. He also said if he gets a chance to speak about demonetisation in the House, the Prime Minister will not be able to even sit there.

Had there been any evidence that he claims he has, he would have already done the deed. He wouldn’t have waited to get an opportunity to speak about it in the Parliament. Mostly all disclosures and claims of scam break away from the Parliament. Only after it has broken out does it reach the House for debate over it.

One of his advisers must have told him such an outlandish claim will, at least, create a sense of fear of the unknown in BJP.

Tomorrow is the concluding day of the winter session of parliament, which has seen virtually no business transacted because of the standoff between the government and the opposition over demonitisation. There are many MPs who have a point of view on the issue and want to discuss and debate. There are many MPs who understand that a rollback is not going to happen and want to talk about the way forward. Many have possible solutions and suggestions and want to share them with the country.

Because of a few loud, fuming and frustrated leaders in the opposition and members of parliament, the genuine and constructive voices are being deprived of their right to speak. Members like Rahul Gandhi, Mamta Bannerjee, Mayawati and members from the Left have become a part of the problem.

He says he is not being allowed to speak in the House, but he should know he can speak first only if he has submitted a notice in his name. So far this winter session, not one notice seeking to start a discussion in Parliament has been submitted by him.

Rahul Gandhi is doing great disservice to the legend of the Gandhis and the Congress party. Leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi have all left an indelible impression. They possessed wisdom and gravitas, they were engaging and talked like intelligent people.

But Rahul Gandhi is wrecking that legacy with loose talk. He has lost the argument and is reduced to yelling baseless allegations.

But he should now also remember that the big accusation has put his own integrity at stake. He is caught in a situation from where he cannot fall back now. So if doesn’t have anything on Modi, he should now start digging to prove himself.