The inconvenience faced by common man because of demonetisation continues. And so does the Opposition’s attempts to divide the support of people for the BJP government. To take a stock of the matter from Ground Zero, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has used his favourite medium of communication – the digital media.

The PM’s ‘Narendra Modi App’ received incredible response within hours of its launch, with 90 percent of the users backing his demonetization move to address the black money menace in India. The BJP, obviously, was excited about the results of the app survey that was announced on Wednesday evening.

The long queues outside ATM counters and banks, and the troubles that have risen due to unexpected cashlessness haven’t broken the spirits of millions of Indians.  People are ready to endure hardship because corruption has anyways been taking a huge toll on the common man for decades now.  We are sick of our faith being shortchanged by the corrupt lot.

Typically, a common man in this country wants to lead an honest life and would surely never support terrorism. Indians know black money is one of the important facilitators of terrorist activities within the border.

As New Delhi MP Meenakshi Lekhi has rightly said, “No true Indian will ever support terrorism, corruption, funding terror activities through counterfeit currency etc. Those who opposed this move have thoroughly exposed themselves.”

Many of those who replied to PM Modi’s questionnaire, also hailed demonetisation on Twitter and reiterated their faith in the war against corruption — from school teachers to MNC executives, from college students to housewives.

As far as rival politicos are concerned, be it Mamata Banerjee, Arvind Kejriwal or Rahul Gandhi – they should know manipulating the mass is not possible.  The mighty majority knows what’s best for India, and they are not scared to say so.

Upon being interviewed by TVON, Jaipur-based Paras J Singh, CEO of a multinational pharmaceutical company said, “Narendra Modi won the 2014 poll on the plank that BJP government would tackle black money and corruption from the system. Demonetisation is a step towards realizing the promise he made to every Indian.”

A Pune-based businessman, Satish Kumar spoke on similar lines: “I took part in the survey, as I think it is a good move that would benefit the common man in the long run. It would also improve the image of our country. The fight against black money hoarders is rather long but it will provide long-lasting relief to India.”

There are millions of people who share the sentiments of these two men, hailing from two different parts of India: Indians have finally woken up to a call which is asking the citizens to make this country great again. But it’s going to take time, effort and even more endurance than what Indians have shown so far. The first major step has been taken against India’s biggest enemy, and it has support of billion determined nationals.