Rahul baba, let Mommy Sonia get you a permanent holiday home in Italy. Leave politics to the big boys


For all those who are criticising Rahul Gandhi for going on a vacation need to chillax. The Congress vice-president, aka uncrowned Prince, has every right to celebrate his oh-so-young 46th birthday the way he wants it.

Discussions within the Congress about his elevation as the party president can wait; his birthday celebrations can’t. It’s a once-in-a-year affair after all. On Twitter, many trolled him for ditching his party at a time when there are severe problems within the party.

People are speculating that he left for a ‘short visit’ to an unknown location at a time when Congress is facing crisis, with a bad showing in recent state polls and fights within the unit. Last year, his 56-day mysterious sabbatical had created a big ruckus in political circles and the ruling BJP tried to raise a stink over his no-show amidst the Budget Session of Parliament.

But Rahul baba knows better. People making fun of the Gandhi scion for taking off on Yoga Day should understand that RaGa needs no yoga for he has attained Nirvana already. Don’t we remember how calm he was in the time of crisis when Congress had failed at the Centre, and Narendra Modi ascended the throne? His mother Sonia Gandhi was perturbed by the defeat, but not Rahul baba. He was grinning ear-to-ear, showing off his perfect dimples. Now unless you have attained Nirvana, you can’t be so happy with your defeat!

Coming back to the point, people should have become shock-resistant when it comes to RaGa. He is such a master goof-ball that his yet another vacation should not bother us. It has been a norm; every time it gets hot in the kitchen of politics; he crawls out through the chimney.

May be Rahul, with his elevated mental peace, can foresee the downfall of dynastic politics. He senses that there is not much to do except wait for the inevitable to happen.

While most responsible politicians cut back on their vacations to deal with a crisis situation at home, Rahul starts browsing travel sites the moment he smells trouble. After all, he has a doting mother to indulge him and have his back every time her darling boy receives flak. With a Mommy so dear, who would even think of worldly problems?

Rahul baba, stay where you are. Let Mommy get you a house on the beach where you can fish for the rest of your life.


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