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Jewish-haters believe Holocaust was a hoax, Nazis didn’t kill 6 million Jews

World War II was over in April 1945. The millions, who were victims of Adolf Hitler’s abhorrence for Jews and love of the Aryan race, must have turned to dust in their mass burial pits. The youngest Jewish lot, who escaped the claws of the Nazis, are over 70 years now.

Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler
Deniers refuse to accept the documents and photographic material that prove Hitler (second from left) and the Nazis were instrumental in wiping out 6 millions Jews in Europe.

Notwithstanding the proportion of this human tragedy, there are people in the world who believe that the Holocaust was the biggest faux the Jewish ever pulled up. This group of dissenters, known as the ‘deniers’, believe that the Nazis did not murder six million Jews, and that the gas chambers are mere concoctions. The deniers contest that any deaths of Jews that occurred under the Nazis, was just a collateral damage of the war; they were not systematically eliminated by any state-organised regime.

The Holocaust distortion is usually propagated by hatred of Jews. They believe Holocaust was exaggerated by Jews to play the perfect victims to a world gallery, and they used it to further their Zionist motives. The obnoxious opinion is just an extension of the age-old anti-Semitic hatred that accuses Jews of conspiring to take over the world.

The gate to the concentration camp of Auschwitz, in which victims were killed in gas chambers

Some deniers go the extent of terming the Holocaust as a psychotic delusion, may be an after-effect of the War. What they can’t explain is that millions who underwent the torture at the concentration camps, had the exact tale of horror to tell.

Deniers refuse to accept the documents and photographic material that prove Hitler and the Nazis were instrumental in wiping out 6 millions Jews in Europe and millions of others displaced.  They consider such evidence as forgery by people who worked the Zionist world. They argue the documents are the work of forgers, while ignoring the complete internal reference markings, on typewriters that perfectly matched those used by the various German units.

 Auschwitz prison suitcases
Suitcases of Jewish victims inside the Auschwitz prison

The view that blows the mind is that the most ill-popular camp of Auschwitz was not an extermination camp. Rather, it was a political prison. And the gas chambers, into which unsuspecting Jews were sent on the pretext of getting a shower, were actually delousing chambers or morgues!

Deniers have also refuted the authenticity of the famous Diary of Anne Frank, the tale penned by a teenaged Jewish girl, who documented her experiences as she and her family hid from the onslaught of Nazis in Holland.

Anne Frank
Anne Frank documented her experiences as she and her Jewish family hid from the onslaught of Nazis in Holland.

The authenticity of the diary was challenged so much that the Netherlands State Institute for War Documentation, the archives which has Anne Frank’s work, sent the diary for forensic tests. Naturally, the notebook was authentic; the lab reported that the book belonged the World War II period.

The Holocaust was for real, and no amount of dissent or anti-Semitic voices can cover up one of world’s worst tragedy on mankind.


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