The Game of Thrones seems like a Western Mahabharata. The resemblance of lead characters is striking!


The Game of Thrones (GoT) reflects on the lives of London from yore. The GoT is loosely based on a actual events of the European history, like the Lannisters, who remind us of the original Lancasters, a ruling family of Britain.

But the TV series is such a rage all over the world that people like to draw their own cultural comparisons. One such is a video that is garnering great interests among GoT fans in India. The short video in YouTube channel Epified has drawn an interesting parallel between the leading characters of the Game of Thrones and the Mahabharata.

We agree the background in both the stories are from contrasting cultures and time frame, yet the striking resemblance in the characters tell us something about human nature: that we all tend to behave in a certain way when pushed to a certain circumstance in life.

Sansa Stark and Draupadi

Let’s take for example, Draupadi, the most empowered yet vulnerable woman in the Mahabharata. She was married to the five Pandavas, and due to her rebuking of her brother-in-law Duryodhan, the war at Kurukshetra takes place. Sansa Stark of GoT is similarly, responsible for starting a war. Sansa, like Draupadi, often finds herself used as a pawn in the machinations of the other characters. But with the passage of time, both the royal ladies emerge as strong players, having a strong say in the game.


Catelyn Stark and Kunti

The widowed royal matriarchs have 5 children each (excluding Karna in Kunti’s case) and also they both have a strong grasp of politics. They are fiercely protective about their children, and go to any lengths to safeguard their lives. When it comes to their families, they compromise on nothing.


Petyr Baelish and Shakuni

Considered the most treacherous villains in the stories, both Petyr and Shakuni are dangerously intelligent men, who with their extreme cunning veer families towards a disastrous war. Their eyes are set on a distant goal of revenge, but they are clever enough to hide their plans. Their methods are totally ruthless, including lies, treachery, and murder to achieve the ultimate goals.


Eddard ‘Ned’ Stark and Yudhistira

Both are kings with noble hearts. Ned Stark and Yudhistir hold morality above all. They are men of principle, patient with life, intelligent, and possess an immense sense of duty. They both react to situations calmly and reasonably, even if the situations endanger them or their families. Although skilled warriors, they preferred a diplomatic and peaceful solution to situations. Also, the noble men viewed situations and individuals by the scope of their moral compass, and judged almost everything on that perspective.


Stannis Baratheon and Duryodhana

Like Stannis, Duryodhana is a brooding and humorless man who thinks the throne is his ‘birth right’. They both tend to magnify insults, both real and imagined, and seek revenge. Although skilled in combat, their arrogance and extreme rebellious nature brings them to their downfall. They tend to consider everyone their enemies, who don’t bide by their command.


Varys and Shikhandi

The only transgender characters in the stories, Varys and Shikhandi play a crucial role in taking on the powerful people. Varys, like Shikhandi fight a war not because they intend to sit on the throne themselves, but because they have to avenge eventually. Subtly manipulative and highly calculative, the duo wait really long (a different birth in the case of Shikhandi) to reach their goal.


Arya Stark and Arjuna

Arya Stark, like the great warrior Arjuna’s teacher Dronacharya, have a trainer to teach her the rules of combat. Although Arya is a girl, she focuses on martial arts, and travels to sharpen her skill. Arjuna, too, under the tutelage of Dronacharya, masters archery, that eventually makes his a great asset in the war of Kurukshetra.


Jon Snow and Karna

Both known as the bastards in the stories, actually have royal blood running in their veins. Karna, a warrior equal to Arjuna, has great skills in warcraft, but sides with the enemies to fight his brothers. Jon too, lives with his legal family, although he always knows that he is the ‘outsider.

Tyrion Lannister and Lord Krishna

Though Lord Kirshna and Tyrion are different in the sense that the former has divine powers while the dwarf is a mere mortal, they both do have parallels. Both of them do not actively participate in the war, but they construct strategies for the battle. Also, both are considered wise, and loved by all.



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