Was Michael Jackson’s death a mere hoax?


Michael Jackson, the world’s biggest artist in history, died on June 25, 2009. It was an untimely death, and the world mourned for the pop star. His die-hard fans were in a shock, and some totally refused to buy the news of the death of their beloved star.

Conspiracy specialists believed that the ‘King of Pop’ faked his death; for he believed that the ‘King’ Elvis Presley had pulled off his death hoax in a similar fashion. Detractors started looking closer at the hoax, and they found plenty of reasons to believe it.

MJ visited India in 1996
MJ visited India in 1996

People have also reported of “MJ sightings”. There are several websites dedicated to the hoax theory, with every group putting forward their credulous idea.

On MJ’s death, his family refused to do an open-casket memorial service for the star, citing that his face had suffered distortion from the resuscitation process. Video grabs showing the ambulance carrying MJ and leaving his residence doesn’t have the siren on. That’s odd, for medical emergencies always have ambulances blasting their sirens.

Government officials confirming Michael Jackson’s death suggested that MJ was bald, except for the ‘peach fuzz’ on his head.  They said that the right side of his face had caved in and a prominent nose bridge was absent due to earlier nose jobs.

But the picture of MJ being resuscitated has the right side of face intact. His mop of hair is intact, with his nose piece firmly in place. Although his ribs were fractured from the resuscitation, strangely, the wig remained in place.

Children of popstar MJ
Children of popstar MJ

Suspicions started rising when MJ’s close staff personnel were sacked a few hours after the cardiac arrest. Conrad Murray, Michael’s doctor for 11 days, got mired in the death controversy, with people suspecting that he had a definite hand in the untimely death of MJ. Just two months before his death, MJ had cleared a 5-hour fitness test for insurance.

During the memorial service of MJ, his family showed no signs of any distress, shock, or grief. Also, the popular photo of dead MJ in a gurney is debatable. Photo experts believe the photo is digitally created, where MJ’s head appears to be connected to nothing. There is neck to which the head is connected. The nature of the band across his face is awkward, and the left shoulder is anatomically not right. Besides, no definable wall or floor is seen, to which the gurney is related.

Michael Jackson, the world’s biggest artist in history, died on June 25, 2009. It was an untimely death
Michael Jackson, the world’s biggest artist in history, died on June 25, 2009. It was an untimely death

While the debate goes on about the world’s most-loved star’s death. The rumours of  death of Paul McCartney from The Beatles and the unsolved mystery behind sudden death of Jim Morrison from The Doors had created great flutter amongst fans. Till date, people believe these artists’ death were fake or a hoax. Until the truth tumbles out some day, we will have to make do with the craziest of such conspiracy theories.


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