Richi-rich of the world are readying their doomsday house. Is the world really coming to an end?


Is the world actually coming to an end? Or is that the uber rich of the world are just fantasizing of an impending doom, and building fancy bunkers to escape the end of the world? Whatever be the cause, it is evident that the bunker concept is taking the world’s richi-rich by a storm.

While swanky hotels and personal underground fortresses coming up across the various well-off parts of the world, here in India, the necessity is of a different type rather than luxury.

The 17-room bunker hotel La Claustra is part of a quiet trend in Switzerland

The Indian government is building over a dozen and half bunkers in Suchetgarh sector to provide shelter to the locals. The area that shares border with Pakistan, are quite likely to come in between the ceasefire violations. They will soon have a place to hide if there are any ceaseless firings or bombings. The 18 bunkers will be spread in 560 sq feet area.

That’s a very futuristic approach of the government to look after the well-being of the civilians, who usually become victims in the crossfire between two warring nations.

Elsewhere in the world, the scenario is quite different. Switzerland has been adapting decommissioned military bunkers for modern use. A few of the bunkers were sold off by the Swiss military after the Cold War because the maintenance cost ran real high.

The Indian government is building over a dozen and half bunkers in Suchetgarh sector to provide shelter to the locals.

Switzerland has 8,000 military bunkers and military shelters, has been slowly turning into business. More than 50 such places have been turned into museums, cheese factories, mushroom farms, and art or data storage centres. The rest have been sealed off or set aside for historical preservation.

The creative owners of many such entities have given them a spin by turning them into barns or mediaeval houses, making them look like an integral part of the idyllic Swiss landscape.

In the past few years, no place in the world has slipped from the grips of terrorism. There has been massive bombings, suicide attacks, and all forms of mass carnage. While the middle class can do nothing much except worrying about a horrific death, rich families can invest in luxury bomb-proof underground survival bunkers.

Vivos’ survival bunkers can apparently withstand a nuclear blast, chemical agents, earthquakes, tsunamis – and virtually any other disaster

Vivos, the company that builds bunker houses in sprawling complexes, says the facilities are for the “protection of high net worth individuals” in case there’s an apocalypse. The biggest facility, Europa One, is located in Germany; it is tucked away from general public’s view, and has sealed, secured walls, gates and blast doors.

Units in some of the underground shelters, come with a year’s supply of food and water. The moderate ones are priced at $35,000, but the biggest and the most luxurious ones sell for $3 million and up. The wealthy elites in Paris and Rome are installing panic rooms in their big city apartments fearing mass civil unrest. Remote homes New Zealand are also popular with the global 1% rich billionaires.

Vivos’ Europa One, the luxury shelter was originally built by the Soviets in the Cold War as a fortress for military equipment.

The only thing that sticks in my head while I read about all such plans is that, man-made protection doesn’t stand 1% chance to challenge nature’s wrath. Also, a missile launched from a submarine or land, would not give the general population time to go to a shelter. In such a case, so much of their efforts would go waste.


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