Dark side of Bill Gates’ philanthropy: 30,000 Indian girls were used as guinea pigs to test cervical cancer vaccine


What philanthropy has to do with vaccines, we would wonder, especially if the philanthropist is Bill Gates. The world’s richest man decided to give away the massive wealth he had amassed by selling computers. It was a philanthropy that the world had not witnessed earlier. Mr Gates, with his wife Bellinda, built up the foundation that would dispense wealth to the poor: Africa, India and a host of other countries in need of ‘healthcare.’

Bill Gates, with his wife Melinda, built a foundation that would dispense wealth to the poor: Africa, India and a host of other countries in need of ‘healthcare.’

Why was Bill Gates funding India’s poor health sector? A partial but negative answer began to emerge in 2014, when the country’s Supreme Court raised questions about the operations of the foundation in some rural parts of India.

In 2009, tribal children from the Khammam district in Andhra Pradesh were administered with a Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine meant for cervical cancer. Around 16,000 girls between the age of 9-15 years were given three shots of vaccine, (manufactured by Merck) by the state health department. The girls were told that they were being given “well-being” shots. The incident started getting attention when some months later, several girls’ health deteriorated and the following year, five of them died. Two such similar cases of deaths were reported from Vadodara, Gujarat, where 14,000 tribal children were also vaccinated with the HPV vaccine Cervarix, made by Glaxo SmithKline.

Aman Dhawan, 16, from Indore lost weight and stamina after be was enrolled in a trial of vaccine, aimed at preventing cervical cancer. He had no idea he had been signed up for the trial.

Around the same time when these incidents were reported, young girls were hospitalised in northern Colombia with similar symptoms. Coincidentally, these girls had been given doses of vaccine too.

Skeletons started tumbling out when an NGO visited Andhra Pradesh. Health activists from the NGO Sama visited Khammam in March 2010 and found out that more than 100 girls were having epileptic seizures, stomach aches, headaches and mood swings. The girls also complained about early menstruation, heavy bleeding and menstrual cramps. Sama raised the issue that these students were made guinea pigs on the pretext of providing healthcare. The illiterate parents were kept in the dark about the real vaccine, and most of them gave their consent in the form of thumb prints.

Sana Ansari, 19, at her home in Indore. She and her brother Mazhar and sister Asiya were enrolled in a trial of Merck’s new Gardasil 9 drug, aimed at preventing cervical cancer. She and her family say she had no idea she had been signed up for the trial. More than 2,800 people have died during drug tests in Indian since 2005. In October 2013 the country’s Supreme Court put drugs trials on hold, warning that “Foreign companies are treating India as a heaven for clinical trials, but it is proving hell for India."
Sana Ansari, 19, at her home in Indore. She was enrolled in a vaccine trial aimed at preventing cervical cancer.

The American NGO, Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH) had carried out the studies. They were testing how the cervical cancer vaccine would react on young females. And this unethical test of Path was being funded by none other than the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Ironically, the study was considered a success by the foundation. The Bill Gates Foundation also aided PATH in the study of Rotavirus vaccine and pneumococcal vaccine in Africa and Asia.

A few days after the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared in 2009 that two HPV types cause 70% of cervical cancers, PATH started its five-year project across various parts of the world: Peru, Vietnam, Uganda, and India.

The lives of the poor have no value, especially if they are from the third world countries. The dark decisions of human testing are carried on without much fuss, and authorities prefer to look the other way when there are billions of dollars involved.

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Source: The Economic Timesdailymail.co.uk


  1. Bills and Melinda Gates foundation “funded” PATH. That argument is nowhere near indicative of the fact that Bill Gates had directly influenced the companies decision to carry out these drug tests. Then again Bill and Melinda Gates foundation funds have found their way to groups and NGOs fighting Ebola, startups promising new greener tech, and various other charities across the world. Their philanthropical works are unparalleled and giving a conspiracy tinge to the Foundation’s activities by many is very unfortunate.

  2. I always had doubt when made announcement about his foundation. Now this has come up. These capitalistic mentalality never changed they will never ever think about others profit or well being unless others well being make them richer.

  3. High level committee of Experts from Medical Council of India should be ask to go into this vaccine and bring out the facts .At the same those girls who went under trial should be adequately compensated and provided best treatment in AIIMS .

  4. 1st of all we all r responsible we allowed them along wth our politician and system to be treated as guinea pigs..Rich earn in different ways.Humanatarian work is just a myth to cover wrong procedure of earnings..

  5. Have you ever heard about coincidence,, none of the five deaths you refer to (actually there were 3 or 4) were after detailed investigation attributed to vaccine,,, infact one of them was due to snake bite,, or do you want to say that that girl was bitten by snake because she was vaccinated,,, I don’t understand who let’s you publish without checking facts first,,, another thing by vaccine trial you are trying to imply this was a new vaccine and being tested on humans for the first time,, actually these Vaccines were already licensed for use in many countries including ours and are still licensed, if there were safety issues they would have been withdrawn long back

  6. Mr. Desai, Can you please explain how can be a boy (Aman Dhawan) got enrolled in the vaccination trial which is meant to be work on women only? Secondly what do you meant by loosing ‘stamina’?

  7. No one in the world would dare using India or Indians or anything related to India, for their benefit till we Indians stand for our own selves.Some put a label of religion, some call it business ,some call it technology or some call it Slum Dog Millionaire…western world always makes millions out of India’s poors . Thanks to our previous governments, our country is made like a public toilet… Anyone comes n uses it.

  8. Both gardasil and cervarix are approved vaccines. India has around 132,000 cases per year with 74,000 deaths. The USA had similar figures in the 1970s. Today the incidence in the US is 12000 and around 4000 deaths. This dramatic drop in deaths is partly due to the nationwide screening program and partly due to its HPV vaccination scheme. A 2013 article from Tata memorial concluded that even with a rudimentary screening program we could prevent 22,000 deaths per year in India alone!
    Our politicians and governments do nothing for the poor. At least stop maligning philanthropists who want to do some good in this world. Don’t create news just for sensationalism. Try and do some good for the people.
    I am an oncologist. These are my References for the above statistics:
    ACS cancer stats 2014
    GLOBOCAN 2012
    ASCO 2013 plenary session

  9. I have nothing to do with Bill Gates philanthropy…its time common man / so called journalist should read about the journey of Medicine / Vaccine from discovery to marketing….what this ignorant writer named as “guinea pig”, technically its called as “volunteers” …ideally every volunteer who participate in the the Clinical Trial, should know the pros and cons of the medicine / vaccine before giving consent..and they are paid for that…. now once someone gives consent, then during the trial if negative symptoms start coming up, they can’t blame the pharma company….sometimes the side effects are so severe that regulatory bodies stop the trial…..all the side effects thats shows during some clinical trial, its beyond of the understanding of scientist..had they predict those side effects, they would have worked on it before starting the human trial as every phase of clinical trial cost billion $………having said all these, I do also acknowledge there are some wrong doing doctors, clinical trial nurses, CROs ( who conduct the trial on behalf of big companies) who doesn’t clearly explain pros and cons to every volunteer ( specially rural people), doesn’t give proper financial compensation etc, thats why some new stringent regulatory guidelines implemented in India after Supreme court ruling…because of few wrong doers, one can’t blame the science of discovery of medicine…..

  10. Do you really believe that a white person will come to India and help the poor for free…of course…they have these crazy vaccine to test on human subject which they use NGOs to sneak in and use them ..in the name of other injection or current safe vaccine …then test them on Indian poor rural children.
    Do you really think that Bill Gates become rich by being honest and good…FUCKING NO …all American wealthy people are CROOKS… Or start up that way…

  11. This is what happens when people of no medical background or understanding try to interpret data. Is there any reference to what was the incidence of ‘epileptic seizures’ or the average rate of death in that age group over 5/10 years? You aren’t just poor at science, you lack the common sense to be a journalist. Shame.

  12. What if Bill Gates was not aware that trial medicine was used? After making so much money why and for whom would he take this risk of spoiling his and his companies reputation? That too visiting poor countries and rural pockets himself just to enable vaccine trials?

  13. Instead of blaming each other and fighting in forum, why don’t we make effort to report to WHO (world health organization) assuming they are also not corrupt. We need root cause analysis

  14. By definition, human trials are risky and the participants are well informed, a consent is taken if it is a minor, we are arguing about socio economic scenario while ignoring the fact that trials are absolute necessity, far more serious consequences have happened even in developed economy during trials.
    And before getting into US vs India lives, a lot of trials need to be conducted on local population since the markers differ from one ethnic group to another. Many US drugs which passes tests in the US fails in India and vice versa.
    It is amazing that we go on to criticize the most impactful NGO we have on the planet right now. Most of us are just keyboard warriors.

  15. This is rubbish Gardasil is being freely sold in India and regularly prescribed. Why would an NGO pay to conduct clinical trials on a vaccine that is already in commercial production. Makes no sense. If true why has the Government not banned it.

  16. If it is true , what is the answer given by the INDIAN government for this issue?, who let these people to be vaccinated? How come a vaccination testing is permitted for a huge crowd by a direct people representative or is this incident happen without their knowledge?How dare to test such a huge number of people of our country this is definitely a shame on us.

  17. tragic but true. The govt of india has cracked down on NGOs accepting money from abroad and who are critical of current govt policies mainly because they don’t toe official/RSS line. Sadly, no such monitoring is done which is more important than the RSS ideology

  18. This is the loss of humanity when health of poor is game for vaccine trails, how PATH can get permission for this,this is murder of humanity international NGO is deliberately doing this.

  19. If the issue is true as per the voice of nation then according to “The Carnegie Council” of the world’s leading voice promoting on ethical issues should be contacted to not only banned the study and further they should be suite the foundation and make them compensate for each one of them for their suffering which they faced under the study.

  20. Polio vaccines too have been found to have serious side effects in a few cases. But the overall impact has been phenomenal. So instead of throwing the baby with the bath water a case by case analysis must be made. Also NGOS in the guise of dogooders are actually agents of rival view points and so need not be taken on face value. Remember Bt cotton issue?

  21. Khammam. I studied medicine there during that period. Wish we could have done real community service instead of dummy practices.

  22. What is needed to look into is whether all drug trial protocol applicable on India are adhered to. One cannot say point blank that all drug trials are bad. Only through drug trials we have developed all the life saving drugs of today.
    Both these vaccines have been studied across large populations in USA and Costa Rica and found to be effective in preventing cervical cancer. These vaccines have potency to save millions of lives by preventing cervical cancer.

  23. I am very much thankful to you for your good and eye opening information.
    Bill Gates Foundation is anti poor and works as a money making mechan for America and wealthy people.
    They works in India, Africa and all poor countries for their own benefit.

  24. Why would Bill Gates get into such a deal with Merck. What is the common interest between Gates & Merck? How would Gates benefit from this? No pharma company does clinical trials in 30,000 humans. It is not even necessary. Furthermore, Bill Gates have no reason to fund any clinical studies. Pharma companies can easily fund any projects with funds available to them from a variety of sources. Besides why would Merck engage an NGO to conduct a study of such scale while they have access to hundreds of CRO companies who have the capacity and expertice to conduct globally distributed clinical trials?
    Rubbish! Too many inconsistencies in the story.

  25. We Lack Dynamic Leader like Netaji hence these things are happening. Until and unless we have a strong and determined uncorrupt Leader this goes on and on. Nobody is interested in Public Welfare they want to fatten up their Money Bags.

  26. This is how the system works – wish all the good Samaritans all the success who got this to light – hope all suffered get justice. And for Mrs & Mr. Gates Your good cause sometimes backfires – and innocent souls pay the price. Don’t mislead and play with Fellow humans.

  27. I am not sure how I am supposed to be alarmed by these death rates.

    “16,000 girls between the age of 9-15 … five of them died.””
    “Two such similar cases of deaths were reported … where 14,000 tribal children were also vaccinated”

    5/16,000 and 2/14,000 are those high? I supposed if it was certain that the deaths were caused by vaccine complications… But no connection is even ATTEMPED. All we know is that several months after the injection a tiny number of the girls started getting sick and dying. The cause of death isn’t even referenced.

    “Skeletons started tumbling out when an NGO visited Andhra Pradesh. Health activists from the NGO Sama visited Khammam in March 2010 and found out that more than 100 girls were having epileptic seizures, stomach aches, headaches and mood swings.”

    Skeletons? I mean seizures are pretty bad, but stomach aches, headaches and mood swings? Those are symptoms of everything. Did these girls experience all of these symptoms together? Or did over 100 girls report ONE OF THESE symptoms? Should we even bother talking about the cause or should we just assume it’s the vaccine?

    This whole article reads like blatant anti-vax propaganda. I certainly agree that injecting people with false pretense is unethical but based on who wild and loose this writing is, I can’t even believe that.


  29. Vaccines are bad. People with money don’t always know the right things to spend it on.pure evil what is being done as they support genetically modified crops . Monsanto and the gates foundation need to leave people alone.


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