RK Pachauri, the man who wouldn’t take a NO for an answer


A charge sheet was  filed on Tuesday under Nirbhaya act against Teri Executive Vice Chairman RK Pachauri, who is facing sexual harassment allegations by a former female colleague.

What is with men that they won’t take a no for an answer? Is it the sheer size of the male ego that wouldn’t accommodate the denials of a woman? It has to be this, or else how do we understand the misdemeanor of a RK Pachauri, the man who fell from grace for sexually harassing his female subordinate.

Woman protests against RK Pachauri.
Woman protests against RK Pachauri.

A year back, the unthinkable happened in the life of RK Pachauri, The Energy and Resources Institute’s (Teri) former head. The man, who has won many awards, including India’s prestigious Padma Vibhushan, and shared the Nobel Peace Prize with former US Vice-President Al Gore, in 2007, lost his reputation to sexual assault allegations. He must have never imagined that he would land in such trouble, given his power and high connections.

On February 20, 2015, a 29-year-old woman who worked under Pachauri had filed a police complaint that he had sexually harassed her. Though the man has maintained that his phone was ‘hacked’ and is wrongly implicated, the case of sexual harassment stands tall.

And now, a year later, the Delhi Police has submitted a 500-page charge sheet against 75-year-old RK Pachauri, that contain copies of 6,000 text messages and WhatsApp messages exchanged between him and the victim.

RK Pachauri
The Delhi Police submitted a charge sheet against 75-year-old Pachauri, that contain copies of 6,000 text messages.

In her statement to the police, the victim alleged that a day before she joined Pachauri’s office, she received a text message from him: “From now onwards, I shall call you LIFE: Lovely Inspiration of Excessive Fondness.”

That was on September 3, 2013. And this was just the beginning. After that the victim received hundreds of sexually-offensive SMSes. Not only that, RK Pachauri, groped the woman, half his age, and forcibly kissed her despite her opposition. All these details show how slimy a man can become, notwithstanding his age, his position and even his stature. Or worse, Pachauri was becoming increasingly senile, and looked for sexual gratification even with the use of force.

RK Pachauri and Al Gore
RK Pachauri and Al Gore receive the Nobel Prize in 2007.

Clouded by a heady mix of power and fame, Pachauri must have felt his advances would be felt as a ‘privilege’ by a woman colleague. We have a common misconception that education can eradicate the sexist attitude held by men. Quite often, it acts in a reverse way. In this case, Pachauri tried all the tricks in the book to ensnare a woman he desired. He wrote love poetry, sent her sexually-loaded jokes, and touched her inappropriately, when all the while the woman had clearly said NO.

May be in his own demented way, Pachauri was roused by such negations, and only intensified his advances on the victim. Like a vain cockatoo, Pachauri must have the misconception that woman dig successful men. What he didn’t know was, not all women do!



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