When will India learn from its mistakes? Pathankot attack should jolt us out of the friendship dream with Pakistan


The recent Pathankot terror attack has one message ringing clear to us. No matter how much India tries, Pakistan will not change its errant ways. It is as if, every time India shall try to initiate peace talks with its neighbour, they will respond with guns and mortars. After all, that has been the pattern for more than two decades now. The big tragedy is, we lose our bravehearts, and we never learn from our past mistakes.

Pathankot attack

We, as a country are quite gullible, and we take Pakistan’s words at face value. So every time we try to forget, India is inflicted with greater betrayal wounds. Whatever little hint of hope Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Lahore had given us, on January 2, the fierce battle between Indian soldiers and the suspected Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorists quashed it.

Just a week before this tragic incident occurred, PM Modi had visited his Pakistani counterpart to celebrate the latter’s birthday. The unplanned casual meet had grabbed both the nations’ attention. What was shocking was that, the assault came close in the heels of the visit!

Narendra modi and nawaz sharif

The Patahankot attack was dogged by questions. The army was still smarting under the Facebook spying debacle of IAF man Ranjith, when terror strikes rattled Pathankot. Clearly, the army was not ready for the onslaught. India stood paralysed in horror and disbelief at the attack that lasted two days. The sporadic assaults at the air base raised many questions. To add salt to the wound, there were hasty statements from the army claiming end of the attack, although the assault went on for two more days. Certainly, there was lack of planned command within security forces, which resulted in the loss of soldiers’ lives.

There is always a pattern in the way Pakistan backstabs us right after a peace dialogue. Way back in 1999, Indian PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee visited Pakistan for the bi-lateral talks, and he was gifted with the Kargil War a few months later. After Manmohan Singh had talks on 2008 with Pakistan, the dastardly Mumbai attack took place. Over 160 people died in this planned attack and hundreds were injured. And now, this audacious attack right at an army air base!

What is surprising is that there have been no terse words from the Centre. Pakistan has already done the lip service of looking into the matter and taking strict actions to curb terror. But haven’t they been saying the same, all throughout these years whenever terror assaults rip apart people and buildings?

Pathankot attack

The Opposition at the Centre is also flaying Modi for the absence of any Central minister at the funeral of the Pathankot martyrs. State political luminaries have attended and bid farewell to the brave soldiers. But it seems the buck stops at that. Isn’t it time our PM lives his promise and walk the talk? We would like to see his assertive self that was prominent during his political rallies.

Waiting for America to take action against Pakistan is not going to work in our favour. The US doesn’t seem to care two hoots about India’s plight. Some lawmakers in the US want re-evaluation of military aid to Pakistan and have been raising the issue of assault on India. US President Barrack Obama, who is passionately trying to restrict gun policy at his home country, should heed the matter, and clear his stand on the arms business with Pakistan.


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