Hello, there, I’m Europe-bound: Rahul Gandhi plays it safe, leaves BJP scratching heads.


On Monday, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi attempted to keep it cool. Before roughly announcing his itinerary, he must have gone back to the chaos that resulted after his 57-day Thai-inspired sojourn. Better late than never. He is, as you would have gathered by now, off to beautiful locations in Europe for the New Year, leaving behind a series of national problems… Perhaps, the Spanish gal is calling…

Rahul Gandhi and Veronique

Announced where I am off to…“Ab bolo”. This is purely for the benefit of the opportunistic section of the BJP that, at most times, for the lack of a constructive agenda, finds relaxation in training its “Bofors” on the beleaguered party’s next-in-line.

The year-end “take off” is a pattern with the 45-year old, but this time, he doesn’t want to leave any fodder. Thus, the disclaimer.

Rahul Gandhi

The scriptwriter team may have been changed, because this is what they should have advised the Congress scion from the start – announce where you are going, for God’s sake. The earlier ones botched it completely.

Rahul Gandhi took off unannounced earlier this year and returned on April 16, 2015. He is an elected politician and should have known better. This time around, the establishment will have to scratch its collective head to find fault.

Rahul Gandhi

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi tweeted his holiday plans and sent wishes for a happy New Near through his twitter account @Officeof RG on Monday. After attending the celebrations to mark Congress party’s 131st Foundation Day, Rahul Gandhi tweeted: “I will be travelling to Europe for a few days. A very happy New Year to everyone.” This is the first time that he has taken to Twitter to make public his travel plans. Once bitten, twice shy.

Rahul Gandhi

There are benefits to being a politician, but there are hardships, too.  The dimpled Gandhi may have finally realised it.


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