Even- Odd Vehicle Rule for Delhi: What are the Odds? – Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal throws another stunt!


It seems that there’s no end to the dream journey of Delhi’s CM, Arvind Kejriwal, as he comes up with yet another unrealistic plan. His idea on having the odd/even number system for vehicles in Delhi seems to be yet again leading people down the dreamy lane. Although Delhi’s air condition is in its worst phase with alarming levels of pollution and dust layering the city, this still just couldn’t work. Our health is at risk, being threatened by the poisonous air we breathe day in and day out. However, you do expect a more practical approach for a grave situation like this, which must be put to implementation instantly.

Arvind Kejriwal

The idea is not new, being adopted previously in different parts of the world, such as Beijing, London, Paris and other countries. But these so-called first world nations enjoy a much more sophisticated and efficient public transport network, which is missing in the capital. If the public is forced to face deprivation of free movement in their own vehicles, it will only result in a big mess. Frankly, I am quite disappointed with Mr. Kejriwal’s jumpy announcements ever since his election campaign, with this latest one being the product of a Delhi High Court severe reprimand. It was to awaken the government towards failure to check the city’s threatening pollution levels, forcing them to pronounce Delhi as being like a gas chamber.

Pollution in delhi

Why I cannot laud the muffler man on such misplaced innovations is because this attempted striking down of Delhi’s vehicular congestion and its emissions is destined to be yet another huge flop. This Road Space Rationing is like an arrow in the blind aiming at a non-existent target as it has surfaced without assessing its effective realization in the area. Firstly, we don’t have the kind of huge support required from the public transportation as yet, therefore, people are bound to be left stranded on the roads. Secondly, the execution is going to be one heck of a challenge as there is no stopping Delhiites from juggling number plates, or actually being happy to pay the fine and rather be out. If you pose another problem for people, trust them to rebel with new, smarter trickeries.

pollution in delhi

I would say copy-pasting concepts from the west don’t help! What about banning trucks instead, or vehicles running on diesel? Delhi’s air pollution is a deadly issue which will kill nearly 32,000 people by 2025. This needs a much more logical resolve, and right away.

Arvind Kejriwal

Playing political competitive games while Prime Minister Narendra Modi is out in Paris at the Climate Summit is plain amateurish.


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