Climate crisis: Humanity is on the edge, and the situation could already be irreversible!


Climate crisis has put to insignificance every little or great problem we have always raised our voices about. Whether its war, famine, draught or floods … the biggest problem facing human beings today is the swift, vengeful, and expected fury of nature. It could be payback time now. We have forever taken climate for granted, but if we don’t get serious now, it could be too late by the time tomorrow comes… if tomorrow comes.


I am taken aback by the height of brutal indifference we are showing to our very own source of life. Nature is being degraded by the minute and here we are, not doing anything substantial about it… the world is far too busy a place with its political, socio-economic and cultural agendas to invest precious time on Mother Nature, it has finally become clear.

The increasing number of earthquakes, specially the catastrophic one Nepal faced in April this year that left a trail of destruction in its wake… the unruly shift in weather resulting in boiling summers, the famines and floods, clearly indicate some substance in the theory of impending Doomsday.


The non-fictional study on climate change by Amitav Ghosh suggests India is likely to be among one of the worst-affected countries in the world when nature has had it enough. It has been reported that there will be a four degrees rise in temperature, no matter what the measures taken are to prevent it from happening. Embrace yourselves: Delhi could soon be set ablaze by temperatures as high as 52 Celsius, it has been reported.

Although the recent talks on climate challenges in World Climate Change Conference (COP21), near Paris, provides hope, a crisis of this magnitude cannot be tackled by mere resolutions and grand, multinational alliances. No matter how much money we invest in nature’s resurrection to life now, or how much we cut on carbon emissions, we can’t be fully spared of the furious repercussions. Too much damage has been done for us to reverse it.

Amitav Ghosh

I damn any gathering of world leaders on a mission to save the planet that takes it as an opportunity to do public relations and photo-ops. What else was COP21 about? A crisis of such nature requires a range of swift and effective measures. None has been on show so far and we no longer have the luxury to take our own sweet time to make redressals. The world leaders’ meet in Paris seemed to me more like a casual gathering…

This is certainly not the time to engage ourselves in trying to establish which country or region spits out more carbon fume. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is right when he accuses the rich nations to contribute more towards nursing climate back to health. Countries like the US, UK, China, Brazil, France boosted their economies, going big on industrial expansion and encompassing all sorts of developmental hazards – pollution, emissions, consumption of non-renewable sources, but the best course of action would be to lead by example.

Carbon Emission by Countries
Carbon Emission by Countries

With growing pollution levels taking its toll on public health, and erratic climate India is grappling with, it’s more contributing to get started at home, first. Barack Obama and the likes might be forced to follow, then.


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