Subramaniam Swamy’s apparent dislike for Rahul Gandhi shouldn’t turn nasty… even political opponents deserve some respect!


Subramaniam Swamy’s disruptive penchant knows no bound. A veteran of Indian politics, BJP man Swamy appears to have developed a deep sense of dislike for Rahul Gandhi. One can safely assume that Swamy spends most of his constructive time digging up destructive hidden gems to throw at Rahul Gandhi. His recent allegations of Rahul being a British citizen may or may not be true, but what is worrying is the almost diabolical nature of these attacks.


Political parties no longer believe in healthy opposition. It has turned into a constant fight for power at any cost. If it serves to malign others, it is done, never mind the ethics. It has become common to become personal in a political debate, with politicians frivolously breaching personal spaces of unsuspecting members of political families.

If they get lucky, like Swamy claims to have found dirt on Rahul, then it’s exploited mercilessly. He claims that Rahul deliberately concealed details of his company, Backops Services, its British operations, his shareholding, permission details etc, while filing nominations for parliamentary election…

Subramanian Swamy, an opposition politician who brought the petition to revoke the telecom licences issued in 2008, speaks with the media after a verdict outside the Supreme Court in New Delhi February 2, 2012. India's Supreme Court on Thursday revoked all 122 telecoms licences issued under a scandal-tainted 2008 sale, a fresh embarrassment for the government and plunging the mobile network market of Asia's third-largest economy into uncertainty. REUTERS/Parivartan Sharma (INDIA - Tags: BUSINESS POLITICS TELECOMS) - RTR2X6TB

It’s right for a politician to expose corruption, but wrong to make it personal. The perception around his attitude towards Rahul is one of deep enmity and hatred. These are harsh words, but Swamy is not helping his cause, either. The deep sense of satisfaction with which he appears to indict the Congress leader, every time he does so, tells he doesn’t really like the young man. But he is old enough to realize that public exhibition of ill-feelings towards others is not going to make him very popular.

Rahul himself, once again, showed political immaturity to the hilt. He couldn’t have reacted in a worse manner. He used his Grandmother Indira Gandhi’s 98th anniversary, a pious occasion, to spew venom against Modi and BJP. Instead of clarifying the doubts that Swamy successfully raised, he went on to challenge Swamy and the Government to prove that he has dual citizenship. Then he went on a ’56-inch chest’ diatribe, nonchalantly insulting India’s Prime Minister, effectively slamming the majority of people who elected him to be their leader. Freedom of speech must not turn into freedom to kill an image.


He should have recollected Indira’s virtues on that occasion, he could have discussed gameplan to revive party’s fortunes, he could have remained calm against the attacks, and waited for another occasion to respond.

But Modi and BJP are too hot to resist. He just couldn’t let it go…


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