Crying wolf: By raising false alarm, Pakistan could be trying to buy its 15-minutes of fame…


The India-Pakistan bilateral ties took a turn for the worse when Pakistan, without taking it first to India, approached United Nations with a letter of complaint. Pakistan didn’t deem it fit to allay its fears by asking India whether it was actually making plans to build a wall along the Line of Control (LoC).


According to Pakistan’s latest delusion, India is primed to build a 10-meter high wall, 135 feet wide and 197 kilometer long, snaking along the border between Jammu & Kashmir, and Pakistan. Pakistan’s ambassador to UN, Maleeha Lodhi, grumbled and complained to the UN Security Council president, Vitaly Churkin, accusing India of constructing a wall that they might propose as a working international border.

War of words between india and Pakistan echoed even as the UN general Assembly session was in play. Not one, but ambassador Lodhi shot two letters at close intervals.

India is aware of what is going on. There is evidence to suggest that the second letter was written at the behest of Hizb-ul-Mujahideen chief, Sayeed Salahuddin. He is branded as global terrorist and India principally doesn’t pay any heed to such anti-social elements. For all practical purposes, ambassador Maleeha was acting as a courier for terrorist Salahuddin.


Pakistan’s fears are all too natural, and predictable. They dread that the embankment will emerge as a permanent structure that will bring about a material change in the territory, in violation inter alia of… Security Council Resolution…of 1948. With Pakistan’s rationality paralysed due to this unfounded fear, India, as a more responsible party, should come out and calm Pakistan’s nerves before impulse takes over.

Pakistan’s desperate attempt to malign India at every given opportunity is only serving to discredit its own status in the international community. Does cry-baby Pakistan have a real friend? The United States is using Pakistan as a conduit to plant boots in Afghanistan, besides other self-serving interests. China is shrewed and operates on ‘China first’ philosophy. There is no third nation that is so overtly supportive of Pakistan, which reflects its bankcruptcy on international front.


The entire world knows about the terror groups Pakistan plays host to. It funds them and feeds them with hatred against India, so much so that the terrorists are willingly laying their lives in the course of bombing innocent Indians.

Pakistan’s letter to the UN holds no value. It will disturb and distract an already pre-occupied UN dedicated to help the millions of suffering Syrians.

Moreover, the UN has not approached India seeking explanation, which would mean that the ambassador’s letter was either rolled up in a ball and thrown into a bin, or it is lying in a heap of tons of papers and files, gathering dust…


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