Hindi domains could soon become a widespread reality if ‘Digital India Club’ has its way!


Apparently, the 21st century belongs to the English-speaking people! Today’s ambition-driven Indians want their children to go to English medium schools. Parents want their children to speak to their relatives in English… it leaves a good impression.

It is this very warped, pervert understanding that has kept India from competing with the best. It is a twisted mind that thinks success is dependent on one’s proficiency in English, or the lack of it. Look at China.

It is this tragic mindset that makes one wonder – Does India really have a national language? Not really. Hindi is alive only by virtue of being our official language, enshrined in the Constitution of India. But the present scenario betrays the sentiment of our sacred Constitution.

Digital India Club

All of India’s significant institutions have adopted the English language, be it the higher education sector, media, the judiciary, bureaucracy, or business houses. An English-speaking person reflects a cosmopolitan cultural identity. He may be a criminal, a believer in bad karma, but if he speaks English, he is considered larger-than-life. But they form only 6-7 percent of India’s total population, the rest are only Hindi, or at best, Hinglish speakers.

In the process of becoming good at English, we have forgotten our roots, our culture, and our way of life. We have allowed Hindi to languish.

Can you survive in a country where, despite being in majority, you have to struggle every day for simple things – read labels, menu, signs on the road, operate and navigate the internet, tax filings, official documents, course books… An overwhelming majority of Indians are struggling to comprehend basic information because they are mostly in English. No one these days puts out signage in Hindi. Universities and Government jobs require fluency in English, as mandated by the ruling English-speaking elite. It can therefore be concluded that an individual’s social stature is dependent on how good, or bad, he or she is in English, an almost pathetic benchmark!

With ‘digitization’ taking center stage in almost every sphere, people’s lives will very quickly revolve only around the internet, making it more convenient and time-saving. Consequently, a horde ofe-commerce online companies have emerged. However, because most of such companies use English language to communicate and conduct business, the Hindi-speaking majority get left out without even understanding what it all means, let alone indulge in them.

The trend is changing, though, because of the initiatives taken by a few people conscious of India’s legacy. Many e-commerce companies are working towards eradicating the language barrier by making their applications, websites, and portals in Hindi so that information can reach people living in far-flung places with no idea about the English language.

Digital India Club

Digitalindia.club, in their effort to revive and strengthen Hindi, have come up with the novel idea of Hindi domains. The Digital India Club is involved in creating website domains, email IDs, and weblinks in Hindi. One of the Hindi domains created is www. हरहरमहादेव.com. On social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, they are receiving good response and trending. Its twitter handle is #hindimaihaindum. One of its initiative to reignite Hindi is भोलेकी फौज. In fact, their contribution to the Narendra Modi’s Digital India Campaign has been recognised, giving the company confidence to move forward with a deeper purpose.

Digital India Club



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