Jasleen Kaur, avoid TV interviews and go back to studies… you have taken enough of my time already!


This ‘shaming’ business on social media has become unbearable now. Even if a guy makes harmless eye contact with a girl, the girl takes it to its dirtiest conclusion. She threatens exposure, flashes her camera, makes noise and turns diabolical. Yes, such acts are characteristic of the devil himself.

Once that beast is unleashed, the guy is as good as doomed.

With one single Facebook post, Jasleen Kaur, the college-going immature, impulsive and brattish girl, tarnished Sarvjeet Singh’s life forever. Yes, forever. It was Sarvjeet’s ill fate that brought Jasleen Kaur in front of his bike that evening at a red light. The St Stephens undergraduate, possessed by some need for recognition, cooked up a story to malign the sardar and continues to stand by it.


Several testimonies have echoed similar sentiments. The entire episode, in truth, played out much differently to what Jasleen claims. The girl was lying. Vishwajeet, an eyewitness, says the girl has fabricated the whole event.

Jasleen’s interviews to various news channels appear to be an exercise that was enjoyable for her in the beginning, when everyone believed her…but not anymore. Now, the tough questions have replaced the initial wave of sympathy. People are beginning to question the credibility of her statement.


Jasleen, though, cannot change her statement now. She is too deep into it already. A change in stance would indicate malicious intent on Jasleen’s part. That she cannot afford, not after the ever-increasing support for Sarvjeet Singh. Facebook is seeing a shift, people are naming and shaming Jasleen now.


What the hell is happening to our society? The Jasleen case is a classic example of how urban Indian women today misuse the blatant sexist laws prevalent in India.

Sabarjeet, who was arrested for aleegedly misbehaving with Jasleen Kaur, has repeatedly implored the public to allow him the chance to say his side of the story, which he did in great detail. It was a revelation. There was ulterior motive in play. Jasleen is a member of the student union of AAP and may have sniffed an opportunity to burst into limelight, through a cause that is very close to everyone’s heart – the issue of women’s safety. She was fighting in the upcoming college elections and a little publicity couldn’t have harmed.

This is not the first time that the social media bashed a guy without even listening to his side. I remember the Rohtak case as well, when girls bashed a guy without any reason.

Girls like Jasleen are  ruining the sacrosanct meaning of feminism. It is a bitter truth that educated Indian women are misusing Indian laws to harass their husbands and boyfriends for their own benefit. When we talk about our judicial system, it is equally blind. Anybody can be arrested at a single complaint filed by a scorned, vengeful women, without any verification in the first few hours.

The guy says that he told Kaur that he just wanted to take a left turn, and that she should give him the way.

Jasleen Kaur was congratulated on social media for her bold actions of uploading his photo and filing a police complaint. She was praised by Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal, on Twitter and will receive a cash reward of Rs. 50,000.

This is a travesty of justice.


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