Move over Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking! This 12-year-old gypsy girl has a better brain!


Nicole Barr currently belongs to the one percent of intelligent population of the world.

Nicole Barr has pulled off a coup here. Based in Essex, England, she tamed the IQ test set by Mensa like never before, achieving an unprecedented score of 162! Nicole beat the giants by two points.


Nicole Barr lives an out-of-the-ordinary life with her father, who is a cleaner by profession, and three-month-old sister. They belong to a community which doesn’t stick to one place. They are wanderers, drifters. That this secretive, and often-misunderstood, community, could produce a world genius is beyond comprehension. They have a nomadic lifestyle and are extremely ingenious.

These travellers had no problem in being referred to as ‘gypsy’, until the word ‘gypo’ became a common insult. The term ‘pikey’ is also very offensive to Travellers. They often call each other ‘pavees’.

Women are considered to be available for marriage at 20 and are expected to be virgins. Young traveller girls have a strict Roman Catholic upbringing. While there are no official statistics for Travellers in the UK, there are an estimated 300,000 based on local government caravan counts.


Her father, James, was ecstatic and proud. He said, “She is the talk of the gypsy community”.

Nicole Barr has the potential to outshine Einstein and Hawking. Einstein gave this world theory of relativity and Hawking gave us quantum mechanics.

What’s on Nicole’s mind?


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