For many, life begins at 60! And it is full of love and lust, both… Zeenat Aman is a living example.


I think it would be fascinating to get hitched at 60! There is something fascinating about the idea. I know a family friend, my father’s, actually, who recently married. This guy has stopped sleeping, and has become young again! It’s simply magical, a beautiful transformation. He likes me, so he tells me stories with great zeal and romance in his eyes. In fact, I have started avoiding him now. It seems I am the only person who has the patience to listen to his romantic tales, the rest have had enough.


But one thing is clear, the man is truly happy. Life has never been more beautiful for him. He cherishes the relationship, understands her needs, senses her mood and responds accordingly, makes tea for her in the morning and loves staring at her. The bugger is in love and knows how to handle it.

Our 20s, 30s, and early 40s are spent bearing multiple responsibilities. We are always weighed down by things to do. There is very little time for romance and child birth. In our mid-50s and 60s, with enough experience about life, we tend to be sexually very potent and giving.

Having lived through enough of life’s difficulties, these old warriors value life. They have generous hearts and potent libido. By the time they get to 60, they are rich in many ways. They have learned about what they can give, and they have come to accept and work around their limitations. They are wiser, so they forgive themselves their deficiencies. These are people with integrity and kindness, able to better understand and satisfy their women.


Enough opportunities come our way as we live our lives in our own unique ways. Love knows no age, no time and no boundaries. The popular on screen mom, Suhasini Mulay, has broken all age-related stereotypes by getting married at the age of 60. She says she simply followed her heart. She didn’t care what the society would make of it.

We live in a society where getting married at the age 60 is a big deal. People normally chuckle at the idea, people who have little understanding about what love is all about. Zeenat Aman married at the age of 60. Getting old doesn’t mean that you cannot fall in love, or you cannot get attracted to someone. In fact, looking to get into a relationship at 60 is a great idea! No one needs to be alone today, not even if one is 80 or more. There is always someone somewhere, waiting.


When lust is no longer the prime motive, and love runs deep, marriages normally last forever. Life without lust is based on trust, on loyalty. Good looks don’t matter, a good heart does. When you fall in love, you automatically feel young, there is someone to pamper you and delight you.

Many people lose their partners in the sixties. They should be encouraged to seek new relationship. Suhasini Mulay and Zeenat Aman made their choices, but most of the single people in their 60s are forced to lead lonely lives because the society wouldn’t accept! This is one ‘thinking’ that will be the end of us Indians! What will they say? What if they face ridicule? Who cares? What matters is the happiness of the two people in love.



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