Shashi Tharoor, take the polygraph test and clear your name! We loved Sunanda Pushkar, but we want to believe you too!


Shashi Tharoor should volunteer for Polygraph in connection with the mysterious death of his wife, Sunanda Pushkar. Congress party’s most suave politician should not wait for the Court to order him to take the lie detector test. The Special Investigation Team (SIT) has already appealed to the Court and the summons could come anytime.

Shashi Tharoor will do himself a huge favour if he shows the initiative and offers to take the test, as it would convey his cooperation and willingness to get to the bottom of the truth. Six people have already taken the lie test as part of the ongoing probe, but Shashi Tharoor has repeatedly skirted the issue more than once. Interestingly, Shashi Tharoor’s close friend, Sanjay Dewan, was also one of those six people. Apparently, he had come to Leela in the evening, at round 5pm, and stayed till Sunanda Pushkar’s dead body was found.


Sanjay Dewan was mostly shaky during the cross examination. In fact, he failed to provide a credible explanation for coming to Delhi, when he was actually supposed to be in Mumbai that fateful day. Sanjay’s unexplained change in his itinerary is only one of the multiple damning reasons why Shashi Tharoor is the number one suspect! Could he have done it, or gotten it done?

Sunanda Pushkar was 52-years-old when her life was cut short. Prima Facie evidence suggests foul play. Even doctors have discovered inconsistencies in the manner of her death, leading to conclusion that it may not be suicide due to overdose of drugs.


On the surface of it, Shashi Tharoor and Sunanda Pushkar was a happy couple. Their public appearance always reflected a blissful relationship. No one could have imagined that Sunanda Pushkar, deep down, was a very lonely woman, desperate for love and attention. Shashi Tharoor, who was Sunanda’s third husband, very nonchalantly addressed the media, saying they did have a slight misunderstanding on the eve of her death. Admitting to the volatile incident, Shashi Tharoor may be playing a psychological game. By volunteering with the information, he has ensured goodwill with the investigating authorities. He may also have left an impression of honesty. Whether the authorities take the bait, time will tell.

The heated argument Shashi Tharoor talked about was related to his alleged extra-marital affair with a Pakistani journalist, Mehr Tarar. Just a few days prior to her death, Sunanda Pushkar and Mehr Tarar were involved in a heated argument on Twitter. Sunanda accused Mehr of having an affair with her husband. Allegations went flying back and forth, leading to speculations that the end of their marriage may be near. But the next day, the Tharoors came out smiling again, telling the world everything was hunky dory between them.

What can be more damning for Tharoor than the Forensic Head of AIIMS, Dr Sudhir Gupta, saying he was pressurised to influence the autopsy?

Moreover, and more significantly so, Sunanda was aware of the shady deals in the IPL and she was contemplating how best to make it public. There were indications that even Robert Vadra could be involved in the corrupt practice.

Subramaniam Swamy, the highly vocal BJP leader, had earlier revealed that Sunanda was killed using Russian poison and further added that he has the proof. The matter is in the Court and Swamy has said he will bring it all out into the public domain when it is time. To add to the theory, senior journalist, Nalini Singh, claimed that Sunanda Pushkar was in a very difficult situation. She was anxious and crying merely a few hours before she died. Nalini Singh was the last person Sunanda spoke to.

The crux of the conversation? Sunanda told her that Shashi had manipulated her and deleted all his messages on his blackberry that he had with Ms Tarar. She wanted Nalini to help her retrieve the messages.


All evidence, whether circumstantial or not, point fingers at Shashi Tharoor. Close family friends have even said Sunanda was a very unhappy, lonely woman. Her minister husband had little time for her and she was mostly left on her own. Only a couple of years ago, she had confided in friends that she believes her end is near. Who could have imagined that those words could be so true! She became more and more depressed as Shashi Tharoor grew more and more distant from her. The realisation that her third husband is slipping away forced her into chronic despair.

She would to social engagements alone, and later explain that Shashi was on a political mission…The Congress party big wigs didn’t approve of her high-flying ways, and let Shashi know of their feelings. She would make every party come alive with her charm and beauty.

Shashi Tharoor couldn’t love her in life. In death, at least, he should show more respect and help in the matter, rather than leaving an impression of guilt by avoiding authorities.


  1. The law is very clear. In any marriage, if the wife dies unnaturally within seven years of marriage the husband is the number. 1 accused and should be sent behind bars. Why is it that Shashi Tharoor is still at large? Just beause he is a politician and powerful, the system leave him free. Double standards. Seems like the laws are only for the commoners. Shame on the Indian system.


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