A live-in relationship before marriage is a better bet! Saif and Kareena are the living example


Life would be so much better, if we were legally allowed to live with people we loved, without being married. Mine would be. In India, live-in relationships are looked down upon, it doesn’t have social acceptance. There is stigma attached to it. I do not understand why. Live-in relationships should be encouraged because it can be the best way to know your partner. These associations are no longer temporary relationships for playful fun, but stable training grounds for long term serious relations.


Marriage is a legal and a social union. It is for life, or supposed to be. Living together allows us to know each other, understand who we are, what we want from life, and are we compatible to trust each other to grow old together?


Couples now want to test their relationship and compatibility before tying the knot, which makes all the sense. It is the couple which has to live the life, not the society. Our decisions should be based on what works for us, not on the basis of what people will say.

Kareena Kapoor Khan and Sail Ali Khan were in a live-in relationship, and now they are happier than ever. Saifeena is the biggest example, who stayed in live in and are having the best time together now. They understand each other’s needs and moods. Kunal Khemu and Soha Ali Khan had a live in relationship too, and now they are married. Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao, Abhay Deol and Preeti Desai, Anurag Kashyam and Kalki Kochin are a few others, who had preferred to live together before tying the knots.


People have misconceptions about the idea of live-in relationships. According to our society, women are a property that carry honor of a family, and that honor is determined by how much she conforms to the principles of the ideal woman as described in many texts, such as Ramayna. A major theme that runs common in most of these writings is the concept of purity, which means virginity. But we need to understand that live-in relationship does not mean that two people have to get physical with each other. It should be more important to connect at a deeper level than to worry about whether the woman is pure in marriage.


In todays world, where divorce lawyers are growing wealthy due to abundance of cases, it might not be a bad idea to test run a relationship to see if it would work out or not. A live-in relationship helps you to assess your partner more accurately and honestly. A person can pretend to be something that they are not when they meet you occasionally, but no one can pretend or hide their true personality 24*7. You get to know each other a lot better and also develop instincts beneficial to each other.



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