A spell-binding tale of love between Sonia Gandhi and Franco Luison in the 60s. when she was untouched by politics!


Most of us have experienced true love, once at least. Some love stories stand the test of time, while the others simply fade away… Sonia Gandhi, India’s ‘first lady’ for all practical purposes, wasn’t so lucky first time around. Her love affair with Franco Luison in the 60s lasted only four years, before Rajiv Gandhi came and swept Sonia Gandhi off her feet…

Sonia Gandhi, Franco Luison

She was only a teenager when she met Franco, but she possessed real celluloid pedigree. She was gorgeous, full of life and without any inhibition. She would have been a Bollywood producer’s dream cast.

In a candid chat a few years ago with an Italian magazine, ‘GENTE’, Franco relived a past that still makes him yearn for India’s most celebrated woman political leader! But he says he is happy for her.

They first met at the seashore of Jesolo in the 60′s, when she was merely 14.

“My love affair with Antonia Maino (Sonia Gandhi’s Italian name) was a blessing…we were in love and happy everywhere”, Franco reminisced in the interview.

Sonia Gandhi

Sonia wanted to marry me!

Franco further revealed that their families approved of their relationship and Sonia Gandhi’s parents happily accommodated Franco every time he visited their home in Orbassano, near Turin, where they were transferred in the 60′s. He told the magazine that Sonia Gandhi wanted to marry him and spend the rest of her life together. It was an emotional bond that would have culminated into marriage had Rajiv Gandhi not laid eyes on Sonia.

“I was 26 when I met her for the first time under the shade of my beach umbrella. I was famous then! It seemed like a summer flirt, but lasted four years. I was a footballer and she would watch me at practice sessions…

Franco Luison

“Football was not her passion, though. She did it for me. After the championship, during the summer, we used to go to Vicenza for weekends!

“I was the first love of Antonia. She wanted me to promise her to marry, but I kept postponing the idea because of my own issues. Unfortunately, fate had different plans for her,” Franco trailed off…

Sonia Gandhi left for England for higher studies and that’s where she met our very own Rajiv Gandhi.

The beginning of the end

“In 1964, she decided to go to England, although I wasn’t happy. She wrote letters and kept me in the loop. Once she came back for vacation, she was changed. She had made up her mind to marry Rajiv Gandhi, the ‘crown prince’ of India. Though it hurt me very much, our farewell wasn’t too tragic, we accepted fate and said our goodbyes..”

Sonia Gandhi

Franco says he is still in touch with Sonia’s family, meets them at least twice a year to exchange gifts during feasts. Nora, wife of Franco, remembers: “I was jealous of Sonia, for all his friends used to speak about her when I started our relation in the late 1964. I was afraid one day Sonia would come back and I will lose Franco!” she added.

Most of us still look at Sonia Gandhi as an outsider. We shouldn’t. When she linked up with Rajiv Gandhi, she was only a girl, with no political ambition. She is not conspiring against India, she is only contributing. India should welcome her, not detest. She leads India’s oldest political party, the Congress party. Give her some credit for that.


  1. whoever we may be, matter what we do, of any manners we can not appeal to everyone – the essential is to be oneself and to go to his goal, avoiding as much as possible to hurt others, because everyone has the right to speak and be heard. Affectionate thoughts. Jocelyne Blazquez

  2. It is quite personal.We should just consider the post married life of a woman.Teen age love is not love in the true sense,it is just an attraction.Sonia is a perfect wife, a perfect mother and a complete Indian as of now.We don’t bother who she loved at the age of 14 or howmany young men loved her when she was immatured.

  3. Who has written these last lines… hang that persontill death… unbelievable…what is 2G? Coal G ?Jija G? CW G? Boforce ? These are not just scams …. these events are shame on the fate of this country… these firangis have stabbed indian health, have cheated with the emotions of billion people residing in India.. Simply unacceptable

  4. You are right when u say she leads congress..but credit for thay ..why? She leads congress only coz she was rajeev gandhi wofe she has no credentials no work to speak for her status…even a villager I’d had married rajeev wld have been leading congress.. dynasty rule and emotional games dats wat congress is

  5. Atleast she knows what love is….stayed with her family even when her Husband was taken away from her but in the case of FEKU MODI he even hide his wife even when she is still breathing and 1000%% alive…..

  6. Well, Franco couldn’t have crowned her the uncrowned Queen of *Indian-National-Congress* and the decendant of the Great Jawaharlal Nehru after all!
    Having said all, it shouldn’t be anybody’s business who she had affair with before the marriage or after the marriage. We are concerned with her Anti-Indian, Anti-Hindu and autocratic ways and her horrible regime.

  7. You asshole, are you really an author? This looks like the work some teenager in love. Are you fucking kidding when you say ‘India should welcome her’? She is not leading India’s oldest party. Her fake family name is running the most corrupt entity in the world. She is incapable of learning Hindi after all these years. Personally I think she was incapable of cleaning Rahul Gandhi’s potty.

  8. Nothing to do with her past life & Italian nationality ! Indian voters accepted Gandhi’s choice Nehru as PM ( with more secular & less Hindutva ideology ) & his legacy & dynasty is continuing. Mrs Gandhi after her assassination left abundant vote bank for Congress. Sonia utilised her vote bank & managed to run Govt for two terms also. Her imposed PM Mr MMSinghs inability, scams, failure to combat Modi wave by Rahul resulted in poll debacle for Congress party. Indian voters ignored her Italian nativity & no need to malign her now digging her past life !!!

  9. She had relationship for four years with Ranco and chucked him and encouraged Rajiv Gandhi after knowing that Rajiv is the son of India Gandhi, the PM of India and he had a chance to become PM himself one day. You cannot call it s scheming mind.

  10. Friends,corruption is so deep roote in our DNA that it cannot be done away with.During the reign of kings and monarches it was there,during pre independence British rule it was there,during UPA,it was and now also it is.Do not expect 100% corruption free India.We will disappointed if keep big expections.We have to live with it.That is the reality.

  11. One cannot forget the first love in someones life which is a true love but money plays a greater role for a woman in her life to have fame and name and as such the first love becomes the unwanted love. The example is there

  12. If some one has loved for four years and thenleavs him to mary another manbecause her true love for years as per Italian culture was a play game with Franco. Real love was for money,name and fame which every woman desires,she found in Rajiv Gandhi which poor Franco ws lacking.It is not a new thing in the game of so called love.

  13. all bitchs fall in love on the roads ,,same here so whats new ,hope you missed on the f__k,,,so just shut up ,we know whom to accept and whom not to ,people with a dog wand only follow her that is the congis ,,alway and will remain a bar girl to indians like us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I do not see any purpose in this article except perhaps to incite some ill feeling. What the lady did at a young age before her marriage does not seem relevant post her marriage to Rajeev Gandhi. There is a saying that one should not investigate: Rishi Moola, Nadi Moola and Stree Moola.
    This article has been going around for some time, almost holding her responsible for ” trapping” a young man because he was a Gandhi. Sorry that is not right. Let us just be generous in our heart but criticise if one
    must for her current political engagement in Indian Socio-political canvas of our country.

  15. its her personnel life…. and being a human we should not try to look anyone’s personnel life or his/her bedroom…. if gandhi family does not have any problem regarding this, then why we have ? its will be better to concentrate our own family instead of others… afterall politics is not bigger than anyone’s prestiege….. dhanyawad…

  16. Kautilya or Chanakya the political guru of A Chandragupta Maurya had written about Vishakanya.The rival kings used to plant beautiful maidens as present to the king so that they could manipulate the affairs of the kingdom.One wonders whether such a concept holds good in Moden day politics.


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